How to Perform a House Cleansing for Your Health and Energy

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The energy in your space makes a huge difference on your overall mood and well-being. You want your home to bring you joy and comfort, but a stagnant stale home can do quite the opposite.

When your space isn’t right you aren’t inspired and your more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Set your space right and benefit from a flow of positive and creative energy.

A house cleansing is a perfect way to spiritually cleanse your space. Keep reading for our guide on cleaning your home spiritually.

Start With a Deep Clean

Dust and dirt are magnets for negative energy. A good thorough clean will physically clean your space and spiritually release stagnant energy.

If you’re dreading a deep clean, hire AspenClean for an all-natural home cleaning.

You should also go through your things and get rid of any unnecessary items. Clutter contributes to a stagnant space and can also trap negative energy.

Let in Some Fresh Air

A bit of fresh air can refresh your space. Invite some nature into your home by opening up your windows for a bit. Plus, all the fresh air will clear out stuffy rooms.

Fresh air is spiritually cleansing, it connects us with the natural world. Use a hand-held fan or a broom to literally sweep the negative vibes out of your home.

Use Scents to Invite Good Vibes

Burning incense and herbs is a sure-fire way to cleanse your space of negative energy. White sage is commonly used to cleanses spaces of negativity and protection.

Frankincense is another powerful cleansing scent along with patchouli. You should also burn sweetgrass to invite positive energy and joy into your space.

If you can’t burn incense or smudge sticks in your home, you can use an essential oil room spray to clean your space. Room sprays are made with essential oils and water. Simply spray and enjoy the wonderful smells.

Use Crystals to Absorb Negative Energy

Certain crystals are excellent for absorbing negative energy and inviting desirable vibes into your space. Placing crystals throughout your home can help you zap negative energy.

Black tourmaline is an inexpensive and powerful crystal for protection. Cleanse and charge your crystals. Then scatter some throughout your home to yield the best results.

Move the Furniture

Rearranging your furniture is enough to shake off some bad vibes and refresh your space. Fung Shei is the art of arranging your space for a positive flow of energy and luck.

Check out some Fung Shei basics and bring positive energy into your home.

Cleanse with Healing Music

Music is another great way to cleanse your space. Certain frequencies are associated with healing and positivity. You can find music to heal all sorts of energetic blocks.

Chakra cleaning music is a great option for cleaning your home. Different frequencies heal different chakras restoring balance to your body and home.

Begin a House Cleansing Today

Your home is your sanctuary, don’t let negative energy keep you from enjoying it. A house cleansing is a great way to invite positive energy into your space. Clean your space and invite some excellent energy into your home today.

Looking for more ways to improve your life? Visit the Health section of this site for great tips and tricks to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

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