How I Modify My Box Jumps at CrossFit

While I’m still in Florida, I’ve spent as much time at my CrossFit gym as I can. During a recent session during open gym (i.e. when members can work out on their own without a coach-led class), the WOD for that day had included box jumps.

For over a year and a half, I’ve had some tendon issues that made box jumps difficult, so I had a brainstorm about how I could modify them, and in the video below, I demonstrate it!

CrossFit Box Jump Modification

In the vid, you’ll see that the day’s prescribed workout was going to be a 26 minute, AMRAP – or, “as many rounds as possible.” It called for rowing, which is no problem. It also called for sit ups and air squats, which I can also do without difficulty.

But those burpee box jumps are another story! But, the method I devised gave me a way to do the jumps. In the photo, you can see the two bands that I slung up over the pull up bar. I then put the box below the bands, and then grabbing on to the bands, I jumped up.

Because the bands took some of the pressure of jumping and landing off my ankles there was no pain at all. As an added benefit, it worked my arms a little too!

So, if you have had trouble with box jumps, maybe this can help!

As it turned out, I was able to do four rounds in the 26 minute cap, scaled of course with my box jump modifications. Then I did a 200 meter row before the time went up. In the video, you can see how I set up my station, which is one of the nice things about coming in during open gym hours – plus I’m not in anybody’s way!

Hopefully over the course of the year, I’ll gain enough strength to come back and do it with the class again, but until then, I’ll continue to modify things!

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