Glutathione, Another Alternative Miracle?

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According to proponents, glutathione is an antioxidant, it cleanses, and this substance will also re-boot your immune system. As far as doubters are concerned, glutathione is just another gimmick; a product about which many wild claims are made, none of them supported by science. What is the truth about glutathione? Is it a miracle or a does it simply muddy the waters of alternative health care?

What Does the Human Body Face Daily?

Glance at prominent products on shelves at health food stores and supplement sections in grocery stores or pharmacies. You can see what consumers are fixated with. They want a quick fix for weight problems, lethargy, and mood disorders. They hope to naturally treat pain, inflammation, and memory loss.

Aging, gastric problems, and immunity are all up there too along with specific products related to ADHD, MS, Autism, and Osteoporosis. Probiotics, Tea Tree Oil, Green Coffee Beans, B-Vitamins: all have been touted for their miraculous effects.

The human body is at war with its external environment and also with the things that wind up on the inside. These pollutants come from food, cars, factories, carpeting, water, and other culprits. Short of holding your breath, there is no way to avoid all toxins at all times.

Every person’s body is subjected to assault. Consumers are eager to grab hold of any straw they can stick through the mire they feel they are drowning in. A new substance will always gain their attention.

Explaining Glutathione

Your body already contains glutathione; it is everywhere. This hard-to-pronounce substance is an antioxidant; a substance fighting germs, bacteria, and free radicals. People also eat this substance. It is found in fruit and vegetables plus some meats; all good things and very common to a Paleo or low-carbohydrate diet.

Quality must be high and non-GMO sources are best. Meats must not contain chemicals such as steroids and unnecessary antibiotics and certainly not hormones. Organic foods are best.

When this substance is in plentiful supply and working properly it removes dangerous invaders. Without it, other cells are also at work. You wouldn’t want to run short though. Though tiny, glutathione works hard.

Supplements that Work?

Science is sketchy on this point. Can one actually gain any benefit from supplements like powdered drinks or capsules? Maybe not; at least, scientists have not discovered a way to impart its benefits orally as yet. Most people don’t need it either; they’re already making enough just by eating good food.

A poor diet will, of course, negatively mitigate the usefulness of glutathione and its ability to do good in the body. Doctors are most concerned with individuals in their senior years when numbers appear to drop as seen in specialized blood testing.

Best Reserved for Aged Participants

Where studies are positive, participants suffered from age-related illness. There are few potential side effects too, so taking it and not experiencing benefits is probably the worst-case scenario for most people. It’s not hard to find; nor is it cheap.

Capsules and under-the-tongue products are sold by major companies such as Jarrow, Now, and Healthy Origins. That means, customers will find them on the internet for sale and also be able to buy them in stores.

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