Moringa Tree Uses For Health And Wellness

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The Moringa Tree could be one of the most important botanical discoveries of recent decades because of its many health-giving properties. The leaf more particularly has been used in ancient medicine and holistic treatments to prevent and cure illnesses while its nutritional density could be without parallel.

Western scientists, however, only recently learned about it and want to learn more. Nutritionists and holistic practitioners are excited and curious. Consumers should also want to know how they can take advantage of the properties of the Moringa Tree leaf.

Moringa Tree Uses

One of the most amazing capabilities of the Moringa Tree leaf is that a substance inside of it binds to pathogens enabling the body to excrete them. This protects organs and the entire body from experiencing the worst effects of viral and bacterial illness.

Taken as part of treatment, patients recover from hundreds of illnesses according to lore related to Indian folk medicine. Taken as a precaution, Moringa leaf catches bacteria before they have a chance to do any harm. This same property is said to bind fat in order to speed weight loss although there is too little evidence yet to fully support these claims.

Gastric ailments are caused by imbalance but Moringa Tree leaf juice is used to restore balance. If a person suffers from GI cramps or diarrhea, a specific routine involving this juice and other substances soothes the tummy effectively. GI problems are often caused by inflammation, but this is only one type of inflammation that Moringa Tree leaf juice combats.

Use it to deal with headaches, arthritis, and generalized external swelling. There appears to be very little the leaf or the juice of this leaf cannot do including helping breastfeeding mothers produce enough milk for their hungry infants.

Every part of the Moringa Tree is used: leaves, juice from the leaves, bark, seeds, and flowers. There are warnings about the root, however, indicating eating any part of this could be deadly.

Nutritional Components

Whatever you lack in your diet the Moringa Tree could supply. Whether that’s protein, potassium, or calcium, Moringa is virtually a complete food. Its balance of vitamins, minerals, and protein is just what a person needs following serious illness.

Where to Find a Moringa Tree

The Moringa Tree is common in India but is also a hardy enough plant to make a home for itself in many climates and locations around the world. Botanists and natural health practitioners are surprised to see it thrive far from its native home and are eager to see where else this amazing tree can grow effectively without losing any of its health giving and healing properties.

Where to Buy Commercially Prepared Products

If you do not own a tree and are curious to find out more, where can a consumer buy supplements derived from the Moringa Tree? The seeds can be purchased online and probably from many garden stores worldwide — if not today, then soon. Many people around the world eat the seeds as one would eat nuts. Vitamins and powders containing extracts of the tree are wildly popular right now but there are also warnings.

Warnings about Moringa Tree Supplements

Typical warnings regarding Moringa extracts aren’t safety issues; just safeguards against raising false hopes. Consumer reports indicate there is too little scientific information supporting claims that Moringa extract could supply treatment for everything from AIDS to psoriasis. There is simply too little evidence yet to back what promotional material is saying no matter how convincing it might sound.

At least there is little chance of it causing any harm unless you are pregnant: women should avoid any form of Moringa in this case. Otherwise, the most you have to lose is some money and even then, supplements derived from this amazing tree are much cheaper than other miraculous alternatives.

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