Do I Need To Eat Animal Protein To Build Muscle?

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Lots of foods contain protein, even vegetables While a carrot doesn't give you much, a piece of chicken is loaded with protein Between the two extremes are more plant-based proteins Besides chicken, a weight lifter could opt for beef, turkey, whey, or pork What is the best source of protein for a body builder: are animals still on top of the food chain Hard Science Proteins have been explored and explained by scientists in order to determine their levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids


Manuka Honey: New Zealand’s Miracle Food

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New Zealand is home of the manuka plant which bees pollinate to create a very special type of honey Consumers might have heard of manuka honey and wondered what is so particular about it Why has this food been classified by many as a healer above and beyond regular honey Find out more Honey as Healer Ordinary honey, especially non-pasteurized honey, is used for healing all the time Health care experts claim that taking a teaspoonful of honey from bees pollinating the plants closest to