Do I Need To Eat Animal Protein To Build Muscle?

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Lots of foods contain protein, even vegetables. While a carrot doesn’t give you much, a piece of chicken is loaded with protein. Between the two extremes are more plant-based proteins. Besides chicken, a weight lifter could opt for beef, turkey, whey, or pork. What is the best source of protein for a body builder: are animals still on top of the food chain?

Hard Science

Proteins have been explored and explained by scientists in order to determine their levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA): the amino acids muscles are built from. The purest protein is found in animal products: whey, casein, and eggs. Lean meats like chicken and turkey are also excellent sources.

As for plants, you can eat them too and vegans make good use of the proteins sourced from soy, nuts, rice, and hemp. Even carnivores vary their diet to keep things interesting. Are vegans and vegetarians getting enough protein though?

According to scientists, there is not enough protein in plant products to supply the levels of BCAAs a bodybuilder needs. A person can live without animal protein, but won’t gain muscle the way a meat or whey-eating consumer will. The protein isn’t concentrated enough although it’s great for someone intolerant to all dairy products and better than nothing.

On the Other Hand

Lots of vegan weight lifters and athletes will argue it’s all in how you handle your diet. Of course you can ditch dairy and the deli counter as long as you consume enough soy, quinoa, and other plant powders plus a multi-vitamin. Make sure your G.I. tract is functioning well so uptake isn’t an issue.

The question has as much to do with muscle tissue and cell repair as it has with growth. A carnivorous body builder could still be suffering from cramps, injury, and slow development if his routine does not take wider nutritional value into consideration and also the fact that you still need to eat real food. Meal replacement shakes won’t cut it alone, especially on top of donuts and cheeseburgers.

Counter Attack

Sure, you can lift weights, grow big muscles, and become a super-lean fitness machine without animal protein. Will you become the biggest guy in the gym? The answer is “no.” The guy who drinks shakes made with whey and casein consumes the purest, easiest protein for the body to utilize, catalyzes these foods quickly, and supplies his body with muscle maintenance at the same time.

He will have the biggest muscles and win more competitions while also avoiding injury, especially if his diet is rich in certain other foods and supplements. He researches weight-gain products carefully to ensure they are complete, pure, and effective.

Think Outside the Packaging

Get past the canister and consider actual meals. Foods rich in minerals include nuts and leafy green vegetables: are you eating enough of them? These foods are also high in fiber which helps you maintain a healthy gut so you can absorb nutrients.

Mineral deprivation is common to athletes. They sweat out all the goodness and fail to replenish. Consequently, these athletes suffer from muscle cramps. Their food should contain a healthy dose of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Vitamins C and E support tissue and cell repair.

If you can’t get enough nutrition in the food you eat, take vitamins. You can still drink your sports shakes; in fact, drink as much as you can to hydrate muscles for optimal health. Adding a scoop of additive and sugar-free muscle building or recovery powder won’t hurt at all.

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