Heather Hardy TKO Win For Her MMA Debut At Bellator 180 NYC At Madison Square Garden

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Heather Hardy just won via TKO at the end of the third round in her debut in MMA at bellator 180 at Madison Square Garden against Alice Yauger It was a pretty close fight, and was mostly stand-up, which I had hoped it would be, since Hardy is a professional boxer with a record of 20-0, and I wanted to see how she would do at stand up in MMA and hopefully showcase her strengths, which she did She looked pretty comfortable in the Octagon Hardy received a nice gash above her eye with just

Undefeated Pro Boxer Heather Hardy To Make MMA Debut At Bellator 180

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Heather Hardy is a professional boxer who holds the WBC International Female Super Bantamweight Title, and will be making her Mixed Martial Arts Debut this Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Madison Square Garden against Alice Yauger at Bellator 180 Hardy has a professional boxing record of 20-0 and 1 NC I love seeing an athlete switch over like this, to see how they fare, especially a pro boxer, since I enjoy the stand up aspect of MMA fights Holly Holm comes to mind She did mention in an

Shots Fired – Is Stipe Miocic Looking To Challenge Anthony Joshua On The McGregor Mayweather Undercard?

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I had mentioned how I thought Anthony Joshua would make for a great addition as a fighter on the undercard of the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match scheduled for August 26 this year Anthony himself said to Floyd 'put me on the undercard' in a video someone filmed when they were together over in the UK after the Davis Walsh fight Earlier in June, Stipe had said he would like to fight Anthony Joshua, and then recently on his Twitter he took a stab at Joshua, and my guess is he is

Boxing Is Different From MMA – But Boxing Is Part Of MMA

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I am noticing a lot of people talking about Conor Mcgregor as though he has just started boxing for the first time in his life I can see their point, but when you draw an analogy like a golf pro suddenly training to be a hockey player, since they are similar movements; that is not a good analogy I agree 100% that the level of boxing in a pro boxing match is another level from a typical MMA fight The question is, how much higher a level is boxing by itself, compared to the level of

Andre Ward & Amir Khan Both Say Nate Diaz Can Box

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I am starting to really hope that there is the possibility of Nate Diaz making an appearance on the undercard of the McGregor Mayweather fight, whether against Adrien Broner, who just called him out, or anyone really This may sound silly, and if you are a boxing purist, your eyes may be rolling to the back of your head, but hold that thought Check this out I will let Amir and Andre take over from

Adrien Broner Calls Out Nate Diaz For Mayweather McGregor Undercard

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I have a few fights I'd like to see on the undercard for the Floyd Mayweather Conor Mcgregor fight scheduled for August 26 at the T-Mobile Center in Las Vegas I has mentioned how Nate Diaz vs Yuri Foreman could be an interesting match I still would like to see it, but this could be very interesting as well Adrien has a tough fight coming against Mikey Garcia, on July 29, and that is just under a month before the Mayweather McGregor fight, so the Diaz Broner match would hinge on Broner