Shots Fired – Is Stipe Miocic Looking To Challenge Anthony Joshua On The McGregor Mayweather Undercard?

I had mentioned how I thought Anthony Joshua would make for a great addition as a fighter on the undercard of the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match scheduled for August 26 this year. Anthony himself said to Floyd ‘put me on the undercard’ in a video someone filmed when they were together over in the UK after the Davis Walsh fight.

Earlier in June, Stipe had said he would like to fight Anthony Joshua, and then recently on his Twitter he took a stab at Joshua, and my guess is he is thinking about the McGregor Mayweather fight night.

This is another fight I would be interested in seeing. Currently there is a lot of talk about how a UFC fighter would fare against a pro boxer, and many think boxing and MMA are entirely different, especially the level of boxing, and with the Mayweather McGregor date having been set, there are call outs going on left and right, such as Adrien Broner calling out Nate Diaz.

The Miocic Joshua is an interesting one since they are both popular, heavyweight champs, and Stipe does have an amateur boxing resume including a Golden Gloves championship win.

Leonard Ellerbe, who is the CEO of Mayweather Promotions has said that there won’t be anymore MMA vs boxing fights on the undercard, but I hope public interest around the hype of certain potential match-ups helps sway him, the same way many were swayed that way to seriously consider the McGregor Mayweather fight.

I know I would like to see more match ups like this!


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