Boxing Is Different From MMA – But Boxing Is Part Of MMA

I am noticing a lot of people talking about Conor Mcgregor as though he has just started boxing for the first time in his life.

I can see their point, but when you draw an analogy like a golf pro suddenly training to be a hockey player, since they are similar movements; that is not a good analogy.

I agree 100% that the level of boxing in a pro boxing match is another level from a typical MMA fight.

The question is, how much higher a level is boxing by itself, compared to the level of boxing in a UFC fight?

Some UFC fighters had decent pro and amateur boxing records; Cody Garbrandt, Stipe Miocic and Holly Holm as three examples.

Then when you mix in all the other aspects of MMA such as grappling, karate kicks etc., does that dilute the level of boxing that goes on?

It is an interesting question, and one that should be answered once Floyd and Conor step into a boxing ring, because Conor is considered one of the best strikers in the UFC, specifically punching strikes, and so that should tell us a lot.

But when people talk like he is learning an entirely different skillset that he has never done before, I can’t completely agree, because actual boxing is one definite aspect in the UFC. It isn’t like soccer and football, but actual boxing, with other kinds of potential strikes added to the mix, like knees and elbows and such, and so, does that make an MMA fighter lesser of a boxer because of the added strikes – or- is ‘just boxing’ something that would come easier.

There are a few videos going around of UFC fighters sparring, such as Anderson Silva, Luke Rockhold, the Diaz brothers etc., but it is a different thing in a sanctioned match.

Many people critique Conor’s ability in the ring with the footage that has been going around of him sparring Chris Van Herdeen, a former title holder. Then there is TJ Dillashaw sparring Vasyl Lomachenko, and TJ himself said he was severely outmatched.

No one questions whether or not Floyd Mayweather is a superior boxer. But many people are talking about Conor McGregor like he has never boxed in his life. In my personal opinion, you would not want to just underestimate Conor’s boxing abilities.

Floyd, on camera at least, says that he is not underestimating him, that Conor is a stand up striker, like himself.

Some interesting aspects to add to this are that Andre Ward and Amir Khan both say Nate Diaz can box, and Conor and Nate fought twice, and were pretty well matched in their boxing. If Andre Ward says Nate Diaz can box and hold his own, and even do good in boxing, I am inclined to believe he isn’t just blowing smoke, and Conor gave Nate Diaz a serious run for his money in the boxing department, as a good amount of their fight was stand up.

Opinions about this are currently running rampant, with people theorizing ways that both fighters could win, a majority of course in favor of Mayweather. But I am susprised how many people make references about it as if Conor is literally taking up an entirely new skillset that he has zero experience in. I can’t agree. Yes pure boxing is different, but you can’t say that MMA fighters don’t box.

On the flip side, when asked, Conor insinuates that just boxing will be a cinch in comparison to the challenge that is MMA – so we shall see!

As one example, Errol Spence Jr., in the video below, says that Conor started boxing a year ago. I hear what he is saying, but if you look up info about Conor, it is said that he started as a boxer, did well, and then moved to MMA. It is also rumored that he was an amateur boxing champion over in Ireland, but I haven’t seen any actual proof or stats, so it is hearsay, though it does seem he certainly did pure boxing at one point, and it was much longer than a year ago. And let me say Errol is one of my favorite boxers, so no disrespect intended, I am just intrigued by these sorts of statements.

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