Here’s Why Smokers Are Vaping Instead

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We all know that smoking is bad for your health. It can cause lung cancer, throat cancer, and COPD, and it’s been linked with many other health problems. Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes is also highly addictive, and it’s very common for people to have difficulties quitting. If you’re a smoker and are looking for a less hazardous alternative, you might look to vaping. Lots of former cigarette smokers are doing it because it’s a good alternative for people who can’t quite kick the habit yet. In fact, there’s increasing research that suggests that it’s less harmful than a combustible cigarette, and there are several other reasons that many smokers are becoming vapers.

You Don’t Actually Light Them, Which Means a Lesser Amount of Carcinogens
As you likely already know, vaping products aren’t actually lit even though many of them look like regular cigarettes that have been on the market for decades. In a vaping device, a battery is used to heat a small amount of flavored liquid, which then turns into a vapor that can be inhaled. Many of the carcinogens that are found in cigarettes are from the burning process, so vaping reduces the presence of these carcinogens. In fact, it’s estimated that vaping causes the user less than 5% of the harm that a regular cigarette causes. This is a solid reason that many former smokers have switched over to vapemods, e-cigarettes, and other vapor devices like the ever popular Juul.

Vaping Devices Come in Several Forms
Vaping devices come in several forms, such as e-cigarettes, hookahs, and box mods. E-cigarettes are a good type of device for people who are new to vaping because they’re simple to use. With many kinds, all you have to do is take it out of the packaging and start inhaling like you would with a combustible cigarette. Box mods often have a larger battery, and many of them let you put the flavored juice of your choice inside. With all of these options, many people even find that vaping gives them more options with fewer unpleasant odors.

Vaping Makes Quitting Easier
One of the biggest reasons that people continue to smoke cigarettes is that they find it incredibly difficult to quit, but they switch over to vaping because it makes quitting easier. The vast majority of people understand that smoking is incredibly harmful to everyone’s health, and it’s also one of the most preventable causes of premature death. Because of this, there’s a large market for less harmful alternatives, including nicotine replacement therapy. Some of the most common forms of this method include patches, lozenges, and nasal sprays. Although these forms of nicotine can help many people quit, vaping devices are becoming more popular than many of the nicotine replacement therapy products, perhaps because they more closely simulate the act of smoking itself which is part of the habit in the first place.

Vaping Puts Fewer Toxicants in the User’s Body
Although vaping doesn’t completely eliminate all toxicants in the bodies of people who use them, the short answer is that, yes, people who only use vaping products have significantly lesser amounts of several types of known toxicants that are found in the bodies of people who either vape and smoke or only smoke.

Vaping Reduces the Toxicants That Cause and Exacerbate Cardiovascular Disease
Many people think of genetics and the types of foods that people eat as the major causes of cardiovascular disease, but smoking cigarettes can also cause and exacerbate existing conditions. For instance, even in people without any known cardiovascular disease, stroke, sudden death, and heart attack are more common in smokers. Another thing that you might not know about smoking is that it also increases the likelihood of adults developing diabetes, which also increases the chances of developing heart disease. Some other common types of diseases that people who smoke are more likely to develop include arrhythmias, macular degeneration, erectile disfunction, and reproductive disorders.

Vaping reduces the likelihood of developing many of these disorders. In fact, vaping also doesn’t increase heart rate or blood pressure in people who use an e-cigarette for seven minutes. By contrast, the same study found that cigarette smoking does increase the user’s heart rate and blood pressure.

Although smoking is difficult to quit, there are alternatives that might be less harmful than cigarettes. Vaping products can be used as part of a strategy to quit smoking altogether. It’s also a product that many people find preferable because it lets them use a product that is more similar to smoking a cigarette than other smoking alternatives.

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