What is the Best Organic Eye Serum?

As we get into our 20’s and beyond, it’s important to protect the skin under our eyes.  The sun damage, environmental aging, and natural weakening of the thin skin below the eyes brings out many pesky signs of aging.  Today I’ll share with you the best organic eye serum I’ve found that can help you rid yourself of those nasty signs of aging that make us look older.

Why Organic Eye Serums are The Best

I’m always a fan of all natural products.  I don’t care if I’m putting it in my mouth, or on my face!  Natural products rarely cause any bad reactions or irritations, because they are chemical free and from nature.  As far as my face goes, I’ve read about peptide-rich anti aging products, and I know they are all the rage, but I’m a firm believer in keeping things as natural as possible.  For this reason, I have been using the Bella Virtu Organics Nourishing Eye Serum, and I have yet to find a comparable eye serum or cream that does the trick against eye bags, dark under eye circles, and even puffiness.  Today I’ll share more with you about this all natural eye serum, in hopes of creating some more organic skin care believers out there.

Bella Virtu Organics Eye Serum Review

Let’s first talk about how I stumbled into this product.  I was on on Amazon.com, where I purchase most of my beauty products and home goods, and I was looking for under eye serums under $40.  Ironically, I ran into this product but it was at the higher end of the spectrum.  Most products were selling for $9.97 to $19.97.  However, I know that organic products are always going to cost more, and I truly believe that in beauty, you always get what you pay for.

bella virtu eye serum

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I did a search for non organic eye serums, and this product showed up high in the results.

I repeated the search for organic eye serum, and it showed #1!  I sifted through the reviews, many of them very quality, the only one that was poor was by some man who used it for two days and apparently expected a miracle, and when the miracle didn’t happen, he left a one star review.  Sir, this is beauty, and it takes time for any product to work.  The same guy probably thinks he should be skinny after one workout!  Some people, I tell you.

But like I was saying, most of the eye serum reviews were very positive, and they touched on many different symptoms of aging that bothered them, and spoke about how the Bella Virtu eye serum helped treat them.  Naturally, (pun-intended) I was intrigued enough to make an order, but not before I first sifted through the ingredient deck.

Before you dive into the ingredients, it’s important to point out that this eye serum is in a very rare class.  It’s USDA 100% Certified Vegan and Organic.  You won’t find that on many eye serums for sale.  You can even check your local beauty stores, or online, they are extremely rare because the formula has to be approved by the USDA.  

What’s Inside Bella Virtu Eye Serum?

Just like when you prepare a meal, the outcome can only be as good as the ingredients that are used.  I happily perused the ingredient list and saw many all-star ingredients that you’ll see in skin products at natural food and beauty markets, like Whole Foods.

Vitamin C:

Accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, prevents premature aging of the skin.  Vitamin C serums are among the hottest selling in the entire skin care sector right now.

vitamin c

Vitamin E:

A major antioxidant, this helps remove free radicals from the skin.  Free radicals are normally the environmental factors that stress our skin, like wind, sun, and pollution.  Vitamin E also strengthens the skin’s barrier function.

vitamin e

Pumpkin Seed Oil:

So as if vitamin E wasn’t powerful enough, consider the fact that pumpkin seed oil actually contains vitamin E in it as a nutrient, so you are gaining even more protection with this up and coming oil (popularity-wise it’s trending behind coconut oil.)  You’ll also find it composed of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, zinc, and antioxidants.  All of the aforementioned will work in harmony to help with skin renewal and tone, and even fight acne!

pumpkin seeds

Rose Hip Oil:

Rose Hip Oil is rich in vitamin A, which has a lot of good going for it in the fact that it treats age spots and wrinkles.  Age spots and wrinkles around the eyes tend to be very prominent and noticeable, assuming people look you in the eye.  (They do!)  This also brings moisture to the skin and improves collagen, all while penetrating the deepest layers of the skin.

rosehip oil

Blue Chamomile

While most eye serums don’t target eczema, why not have an ingredient that can fight it around your eyes should you suffer from that?  It’ll save money from applying an eczema cream, and thanks to Blue Chamomile oil, you will get those benefits in the Bella Virtu Organics Nourishing Eye Serum.  Also a great acne treatment, you’ll help get rid of inflammation and redness around your eyes while diminishing the appearance of scars with this little known oil that professional formulators are just starting to use in organic skin serums.

blue chamomile oil

—>  The benefits of resveratrol.

Perhaps most impressive was the study I read about grape seed oil, by the St. Helena Institute for Plastic Surgery.  The small trial documented an 88% improvement in skin texture after subjects applied a product with grape seed extract for six weeks.

Last, but clearly not least important, grape seed oil has a sunscreen like effect on your skin and can protect you from the cancer-causing UV rays.  Please, don’t ditch your sunblock just yet, but know that the supple skin beneath your eyes is benefitting from the grape leaf extract and you are getting some extra protection.

Lowest Price:  Amazon.com.

What You Won’t Find in This Eye Serum

You won’t find retinol, because many people, especially fair-skinned people like myself, can’t handle it. It’s very powerful and can irritate the skin on contact.  You won’t find it in this product because it’s not part of a vegan and organic skin serum.


In my opinion, this is the top organic eye serum, hands down.  If you can spend $34.97 (free shipping on Amazon Prime) you’ll get 30-45 days of use as you only need a tad bit on your forefinger.  This is not only the best bang for your buck, but it’s also the most effective eye treatment I’ve used in 2019.  And trust me, I’ve tried many over the years, 2019 was bound to be my year of finding something that actually worked!

For those of you who want to try a cosmeceutical product, I really can’t argue with the science behind Elite Serum, but I am keeping my skin care regimen all natural!

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