Several Cayenne Pepper Benefits

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Why are health food advocates so excited about cayenne pepper It is an acquired taste among children and even many adults find it too strong What is this spice, why should we love it, and how can we add it to the average North American diet Where Is Cayenne from Since this bright red spice is derived from a hot chili pepper, it's no surprise this plant grows easily in hot climates such as Mexico, Brazil, Africa, and so on Consumers in northern regions can also grow the plant if they have


Get Your Probiotics From Foods Along With Supplements

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If you were to visit North America from a country in the Far East or another planet, it would seem the people who live here can't get their nutrition from actual food They can only obtain vitamins, minerals, necessary metals, fatty acids, and probiotics out of a bottle Swallowing pills, chewing tablets, and swallowing concentrated liquid vitamins is their answer to whole-body health and wellness, to anti-aging, and to disease prevention They have forgotten how to eat real food and why they


Do I Need To Eat Animal Protein To Build Muscle?

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Lots of foods contain protein, even vegetables While a carrot doesn't give you much, a piece of chicken is loaded with protein Between the two extremes are more plant-based proteins Besides chicken, a weight lifter could opt for beef, turkey, whey, or pork What is the best source of protein for a body builder: are animals still on top of the food chain Hard Science Proteins have been explored and explained by scientists in order to determine their levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids