Bulletproof Coffee And The Mission To Become Mentally Impervious

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Bulletproof coffee is what you would call a Nootropic product or even an example of biohacking. The people behind their assorted drinks and extras are aiming to improve mental performance with a drink that clients were going to enjoy daily anyway.

Why not give your body a real and lasting boost, not just 15 minutes of feeling buzzed? Here is what you can expect from a cup of Bulletproof java.

Mission at Bulletproof

Regardless of the drink in question, the team at Bulletproof has one aim: to enhance your mental performance.

The science behind products like these is not authenticated by any university or medical journal, but researchers are convinced they have found a way to improve mental agility in the workplace, at university, or on the race track.

Testimonials speak volumes as to the success customers can and have experienced by drinking Bulletproof Coffee.

The company has pledged to behave responsibly towards the environment by selecting only ingredients from sustainable resources produced in an ethical way. You will notice words like “Non-GMO” and “pure” all over the shopping menu. They also insist on hand-picking beans to ensure only ripe, intact beans make it to the consumer.

Coffee Kit

Bulletproof Coffee is available in three styles as is typical of any coffee brand. There is a light, a medium, and a dark roast which can be purchased individually or in a kit of all three.

The latter options will save consumers money if they were going to eventually order all of these anyway. One each of their Original, Mentalist Dark Roast, and French Kick Roast is supplied in 12-oz bags for the coffee lover who likes a bit of everything or is buying gifts the economical way.

About Bulletproof Coffee

This young company makes coffee in such a way as to leave as many beneficial elements in the mixture as possible rather than draining them during processing. Their beans are grown in the high regions of Guatemala to reduce the chance of drinking mold, a source of many illnesses. Coffee Bean estates utilize organic, chemical-free farming methods too. Beans are roasted using a method known only to the company.

Brew Your Coffee

Select a method of brewing such as drip, machine, filter, or press. Now, take 2 ½ tbsp of coffee per 8 oz of water and add the butter. If Bulletproof coffee is already good, why would a person add anything else to it?

Lots of people drink black coffee, but some are into a sweeter or creamier mixture and recognize the benefits of good fats. Bulletproof Ghee is a type of butter derived from cows fed on grass, not grain, so it is less likely to cause digestive difficulties than other butters. This unsalted butter is said to enhance a sense of well-being for hours.

Cacao Butter at Bulletproof isn’t your usual chocolate experience. This blend rids you of the risks associated with toxins and mold in regular fermented chocolate by offering an “upgraded” experience.

It features all the best aspects of dark chocolate like anti-inflammatory properties and great flavor. There are significant links to better heart health among consumers of high-quality dark chocolate like Bulletproof Cacao Butter for coffee. Also add XCT oil to increase the benefits.

If you prefer a travel-ready creamer, try their powder for better coffee anywhere you go. These non-GMO, gluten-free packs come in packs of 14 single-serve sachets.

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