Pot Infused Pizza Comes to Massachusetts

I’ve officially seen it all!  While we’ve been having a lot of fun covering the medical marijuana industry and all of the stuff it’s brought out to cannabis products, I never thought the day would come where people could eat pizza and get their medicine.

Getting High While Eating Pizza?

I wouldn’t have believed it, but it was reported here on Yahoo! that you can now eat pizza and treat your pain, thanks to Ermont, Inc., which is located in Quincy.  According to CBS news in Boston, customers are raving about this new pizza, which is cannabis-infused.  Pot products are abundantly sold to the customers at this dispensary, (of course, if they have a medical marijuana card) and the 6″ pies they are making sell for $38.

Does that seem high?  (Pun intended.) 

When you consider that the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol is in there, (THC) I think it offers a tremendous value.

The director of operations, Steve  Yaffe, said that the company did this in order to provide users another option that wasn’t “loaded with sugar.”  (As a health conscious crowd, we’re all applauding that move.)

Typically, users are left with edibles such as chocolates, cookies, and gummy candies.

We’ve seen the expansion of medical marijuana reach 30 States.  Not only does that mean that over half of the States allow users for medicinal purposes, but marijuana is also approved for recreational use in 8 States at the time of writing this article.  Of course, you must be 21 or older to enjoy that privilege, and we’ll expect to see more States pass the use of recreational marijuana in the coming years.

As this industry grows (Pun intended) we’ll see more creative ways to get users their medicine – or pleasures – through a variety of other ways.  Of course, we know about vaping, and we know about edibles, but how many other options will be made available?  As time ticks on, you can count one me to cover it right here on our website.

I could really go for a slice of weed infused pizza right about now.

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