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Jason resides in Colorado and enjoys his right to use marijuana. He is our resident expert at using products designed to pass drug tests of all types. To reach him, please email

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Does Home Depot Drug Test?

By Posted on 2 min read 1357 views
Making my rounds of companies who will drug test you, today I landed on the Home Depot  Everyone knows the Home Depot, it's a cornerstone shop for the do it yourselfer's out there who are into home remodeling, repair, as well as professional general contractors who are in that life of fixing up stuff for a living But let's flip the script today and look at the other side of the counter  Clearly people who are recommending power tools, drills, machinery, and home furnishings need to have a

Does Walmart Drug Test?

By Posted on 2 min read 739 views
Many people come to our site to get tips on getting in shape and living healthy Others come to read the darker, more in your face side that I write for our site  Stuff like passing drug tests, information about THC and marijuana, as well as the best ways to pass a hair follicle test Related:  Will your future employer drug test you Today, I'm answering a user submitted question that I'm sure many people have on their minds: Does Walmart Test Employees for Drugs Walmart does drug

What is the Best Way to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours?

By Posted on 4 min read 749 views
Let's face it, when opportunity knocks, sometimes you have to get up and answer  This was the case for a dear friend of mine who was offered a job basically "on the spot' during a meet and greet with a business colleague of mine Having mutual friends was definitely a big help in paving the way towards employment, but I must say, my friend brought his "A Game" and earned himself a new career path The Problem  He is a recreational user of cannabis  He loved consuming it however

Facts About Using Azo Pills to Pass a Drug Test

By Posted on 3 min read 3602 views
Drug tests are a troublesome part of retaining your job and still enjoying a well-deserved joint every now and then Of course most products and methods out there that are designed to help you pass your drug test are trial and error and are subject to many factors such as the rate of usage, body fat and so on Azo is a brand of medication that treats urinary tract infections and even though some people say these can aid in passing a drug test, these can actually interfere with an accurate

Pot Infused Pizza Comes to Massachusetts

By Posted on 2 min read 520 views
I've officially seen it all!  While we've been having a lot of fun covering the medical marijuana industry and all of the stuff it's brought out to cannabis products, I never thought the day would come where people could eat pizza and get their medicine Getting High While Eating Pizza I wouldn't have believed it, but it was reported here on Yahoo! that you can now eat pizza and treat your pain, thanks to Ermont, Inc, which is located in Quincy  According to CBS news in Boston, customers are

Pass USA Review

By Posted on 5 min read 500 views
Do you have to pass a drug test almost immediately Or will you have to pass a drug test in the near future If you find yourself in either of these situations, and you’re looking for a way to pass a drug test in a quick amount of time, then Pass USA is definitely the right website for you The best thing about this site is that it has so much to offer There are a wide range of products that will help you pass just about every drug test that you could potentially have to take And they even

MediTests Review

By Posted on 5 min read 418 views
The company known as Medimpex United Inc has a tremendous mission that they have attempted to accomplish since the company was first introduced in 1999 Their mission is to be the biggest mass distributor of drug testing, pregnancy testing, and alcohol testing products on the market today And they also offer a wide range of other testing devices as well, so they are one of the biggest and best websites of this kind currently operating online This company has recognized explosive growth due to

Test Country Review

By Posted on 5 min read 403 views
Originally founded back in 2002, Test Country had a very specific mission in mind when they first started their website Their ultimate goal was to create a website that made it easy to get drug testing and laboratory testing done for consumers and businesses Another major goal was to make sure that the drug testing, health and wellness testing, background checks, and disease detection was affordable for everyone in need of these normally expensive services Should you enjoy this review,

CBD Oil Can Heal Fractured Bones

By Posted on 2 min read 703 views
So we've been doing a lot of digging in on CBD oil and what it can do for you to ease the pain, but this is entirely out of left field! Normally I'm helping people pass drug tests, but today I'm actually speaking of the benefits of something you may be consuming if you smoke reefer CBD Oil was reported to have the ability to heal fractured bones  I'm still in shock over this one, but I read it right here Today I'll extrapolate just what I feel are the main parts of the article Can