How EHR Software is Changing in 2020

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In the past, doctors and employees used to have to run down to the basement to sift through massive cabinets of patient records in order to find the documents they wanted. Fortunately, this is now an issue of the past. The advent of EHR software has changed the way patient records are created, stored, and accessed. As the calendar turns to a new decade, there are a few important trends for 2020 that everyone should note.

The first trend that is going to be important in 2020 is an improvement in documentation. The requirements from insurance companies on what exactly needs to be present in documentation is changing and evolving quickly. These massive changes are frustrating for doctors who try to keep up. It seems like these records are only getting longer and longer. As a result, EHR software is going to need to come up with ways to get over these documentation hurdles. Look for practice management systems to have more shortcuts to help doctors document more quickly in a compliant manner. Nobody wants to spend their days on the phone fighting with insurance companies.

The next trend is going to be in the world of care coordination. In prior years, one doctor might be responsible for the entirety of a patient’s care; however, this is no longer the case. Often, people find themselves going to multiple doctors for medical care. Unfortunately, these doctors rarely talk to each other and the electronic medical record systems don’t communicate either. Therefore, another key trend in 2020 is going to be about care coordination. Medical records are going to have to become easier to share, even across multiple platforms. This is in the best interests of the patient. Of course, this is also going to have to manage privacy issues.

Finally, the last important trend has to do with the development of telehealth. For those who might not know, telehealth is the idea that patients can see a doctor on a computer screen instead of physically traveling to the office. This has numerous advantages in terms of access to medical care and efficiency for both the patient and doctor. At the same time, how is a doctor going to document this visit? How is a doctor going to bill an insurance company for this visit? This is one of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare system and is also going to be a trend for EHR software. Companies are going to come up with a way to efficiently document and bill for these visits because this is the future of medicine.

These are only a few of the ways that medical software is going change in 2020. In order for medical software companies to keep up with the changing field, they need to get on board with these trends. This will allow companies to maintain an edge over the competition while also providing the best care possible for patients.

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