Psychophysiology: Our Very Emotional Bodies

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In even the most cursory study of Psychology, most of us know we have internal responses to external events We can feel afraid, sad, or happy based on our reactions to spiders, the death of a loved one, or the marriage of our children, respectively Theories about how we are likely wired to respond with particular emotions or reactions are what the theories are made of Clinicians can infer an emotional response is connected to the respondent's past family dynamics, for example Those who


ICON Meals For Athletes

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At ICON Meals the motto is "Catering to The Competitor in Each of Us" You can see it on their website: this is not a weight loss company or a firm designed to feed the masses with no time to cook even though their "About Us" page suggests the idea is for everyone to have access The audience here is more interested in competition than every day living if images are anything to go by Figureheads are buff and trim: models and athletes who -- let's face it -- don't look anything like the parents

pH Tests Of Bottled Water: Which Are The Most Alkaline Or Acidic?

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This is an ongoing test I am doing when I purchase new brands of bottled water I have read about how alkaline water is good from various sources, and then, there are skeptics that wonder if it makes a difference I'm not here to debate that; just show a couple brands I tested There are plenty more brands I have not tested, and will add any more that I purchase For me personally, I would prefer to drink alkaline water over acidic water, just from the things I have heard about it over the

Sage Northcutt Brings A Bodybuilder Through An MMA Training Regimen

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You have to love Sage Northcutt, with his polite demeanor, and great attitude, and if you weren't aware, he is a fierce professional fighter, and also currently the youngest fighter in the UFC This video wasn't quite a Sage versus the bodybuilder, as the title suggests, but rather Sage taking Hunter Labrada through an HIIT circuit I took out some ideas from this for a nice circuit to both build muscle, and get a great cardio workout Fighting training, even without contact, is an amazing

How To Recover From A Cold As Fast As Possible

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It's no fun having a bad cold; you feel ill, tired, miserable and you don't have the energy to do anything at home or at work Unfortunately, life doesn't stop simply because you're feeling under the weather, and you will often find that colds strike at the most inconvenient time -- just ahead of an important meeting at the office or a family party that you've been really looking forward to Sadly, there is still no miracle cure for the common cold Even antibiotics are no use against the cold


Bulletproof Coffee And The Mission To Become Mentally Impervious

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Bulletproof coffee is what you would call a Nootropic product or even an example of biohacking The people behind their assorted drinks and extras are aiming to improve mental performance with a drink that clients were going to enjoy daily anyway Why not give your body a real and lasting boost, not just 15 minutes of feeling buzzed Here is what you can expect from a cup of Bulletproof java Mission at Bulletproof Regardless of the drink in question, the team at Bulletproof has one aim:


Wim Hof Method

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In science, as they say on the website for Wim Hof's unusual medical breakthrough, one cannot prove a point scientifically by citing a single occurrence Such a case would be an anomaly Find more examples which mimic this one and you have something worth studying Wim Hof stood out for his body's ability to handle the cold, but science was dubious as to what this would prove to them until a larger study came to life One can, in fact, train the body to stop attacking itself with the Wim Hof


Activated Charcoal And Its Uses

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Charcoal in the barbeque is different from activated charcoal, a healthcare product BBQ charcoal is not edible and can, in fact, make a person sick Activated charcoal can be consumed or used topically to treat numerous conditions It's not a replacement for a medical opinion but, in a pinch, you could relieve many conditions and symptoms with this natural product Uses for Activated Charcoal Medical and holistic professionals advocate the use of activated charcoal in many contexts This


Whole-Body Cryotherapy For Muscle Recovery, Inflammation And Pain

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Cryotherapy has been in use as a medical treatment for 150 years, since it was first developed way back in the mid-1800s Since that time, the way cryotherapy is used has been developed and advanced, and is now most commonly used to remove minor skin conditions like warts and non-cancerous lesions It can also be used for the treatment of some kinds of skin cancer, and is now being developed further as a way to treat pain and inflammation throughout the whole body When used to treat warts and


Cryotherapy: Treatment For Skin Lesions

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Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures to remove abnormal cells from the surface of the skin Developed in the mid-1800s, the methods which are now widely used by doctors were developed in the 1960s and then perfected in the 1980s The procedure is most commonly used by dermatologists who specialize in dealing with skin disorders Most commonly used to remove unwanted warts or benign lesions, cryotherapy, or cryosurgery as it is sometimes known, can also be used to remove cancerous cells