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At ICON Meals the motto is “Catering to The Competitor in Each of Us.” You can see it on their website: this is not a weight loss company or a firm designed to feed the masses with no time to cook even though their “About Us” page suggests the idea is for everyone to have access.

The audience here is more interested in competition than every day living if images are anything to go by. Figureheads are buff and trim: models and athletes who — let’s face it — don’t look anything like the parents next door with three kids. If their female spokesperson has children, it’s hard to imagine how she could have given birth with a body like that.

Meals for Good Health

The company claims their inspiration came from trying to find food that’s fresh and healthy; meals made to exacting standards that don’t look day old when they arrive. The team wanted to create a firm that could provide nutrition and balance but without sacrificing flavor and freshness.

Today, they cater to individual needs and also supply pre-planned meals which are not doused in sugar, table salt, and unnecessary fats. Their foods are prepared by trained chefs and contain more protein than carbs. If this profile appeals to anyone, it’s a bodybuilder or athlete.

Iconic Ingredients

At ICON their ingredients are natural, don’t contain preservatives, and they buy from local producers when they can. Fresh is best as far as they are concerned.

Choose ICON Meals if your objective is to shed weight, build bigger muscle, or just maintain what you have already achieved without having to think about what to eat or how to find time to prepare it. Whether you’re simply too busy, not very talented in the kitchen, or dislike cooking, ICON wants to help with tasty food that’s also balanced.

How It Works

Choose a meal and order by noon Central Standard Time any day Sunday until Thursday. It will be delivered or ready for pickup the next morning. Orders placed on a Friday aren’t dealt with until prior to shipping on the Monday because, otherwise, they wouldn’t be fresh.

Create a schedule that meets your needs: pickup food, have it delivered or shipped, and have your meals looked after every day of the week if you want. Just make sure pickup is looked after prior to the best-before date or meals go in the garbage for heath and safety reasons.

Orders are followed by a confirmation email and number. When a meal is prepared and cooked, ready to go, this is your cue to come and get it or be ready for delivery. All you have to do is refrigerate it or instantly reheat it.

Food from ICON Meals

Some of the food seen on the menus here are amazing. It looks luscious, worthy of a decent restaurant, somewhere that uses real cutlery and washable knives and forks.

There are loads of protein options from vegetarian to complete carnivore: beef, turkey, salmon, and peanut butter. Select everything from stir-fries to sandwiches, everything designed for optimum nutritional value.

Meals are balanced, so even the meat lover gets his fill of veggies or fruit and possibly other carbohydrates: bread, pasta, wraps, or rice. Choose a breakfast meal or a snack; a side dish or just the protein part of a meal.

P28 foods are high in protein so you know these are good go-to foods if you are a weight lifter. Some items aren’t ready to go: you have to mix powders or pancakes for prep at home.

ICON’s menu also includes Quest bars if you want instant nutrition for a busy day at the gym, on the water in your kayak, or while hiking. Customize by choosing your protein, veggies, and carbs, watching the whole time as the price is tallied so there’s no hidden cost.

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