The Nate Diaz Rule – Now CBD Is OK Anytime!

You may remember at the time of the two big fights Nate Diaz had with Conor Mcgregor in the UFC, as there was plenty of entertaining sports drama, making constant headlines, and both ended up being epic fights.

Well, after one of them, Nate Diaz was vaping at the post fight press conference, and when asked what he was vaping on, he said CBD.

Someone called him out and said he was in violation, as you aren’t supposed to use marijuana for 4 hours after a fight.

Well, CBD does not have the mind altering effects from the THC in cannabis, but rather is seeming like more and more of a boon to society, including a growing number of claimed benefits, some of which are that of pain relief and reducing inflammation and helping with recovery.

The New Nate Diaz Rule

Well, now it has been announced that CBD is no longer a banned substance, so you won’t need to worry about passing a drug test if you are taking any of the forms of CBD for your recovery regime if you fight for the UFC, as it has been removed from the WADA prohibited substances list.

They have also changed the post fight time period to end the minute a sample has been taken, and this is being credit to Nate Diaz according to MMA Weekly.

Now I am hoping that he will get back into the octagon for a fight, I miss both Diaz brothers fights, they are so entertaining to watch!

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