Canelo Alzarez Passes a Hair Follicle Drug Test

In a bizarre turn of events which has shaken up the boxing world, Canelo Alvarez, one of the most well known fighters, of Golden Boy Promotions, who has fought the likes of Floyd Mayweather and many other big name fighters, failed two urine tests for clenbuterol.

He was scheduled to fight a rematch against Gennady Golovkin, AKA GGG on May 5, which is a huge boxing weekend that often hosts the biggest fights of the year.

Many people have flamed him for this, as he is at the top of the upper echelon of fighters, ranked as one of the best pound for pound fighters, and has a huge fan base, especially in his native country of Mexico.

Canelo Passes His Hair Test

So at the request of the Nevada Athletic Commission, they submitted samples of his hair, and experts say that a hair test should show whether he was actually taking this substance, or if it truly was just an accidental occurrence in which he consumed tainted meat containing the substance, which would apparently not be the first time this has happened to a professional athlete from eating Mexican meat.

And he passed the hair test, which he hopes will clear him of any suspicions of taking a performance enhancing drug. It was also mentioned that he is additionally willing to take a polygraph test to further prove his innocence.

I am a bit bummed from this, as he is a fighter I have come to really like watching, and thinking that he was taking a banned substance tainted his legacy a bit for me, and for many others from what I gather from the responses in social media.

Does This Clear His Name?

Honestly it is a bit difficult to make a black and white statement about that with numerous different articles about the topic, many which are mixed with emotion. I have seen quite a few fighters say they believe he cheated without a doubt, and some even said they wondered if he was on something when they fought him.

I personally hope that it does decisively clear his name, because as I said, I have become a fan, and look forwards to watching more of his fights in the future, especially the rematch with GGG, which Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Buy Promotions says they are ready for in September, depending how the GGG fight goes in May.


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