Biggest YouTube Fitness Channels

I was doing some research as I develop my own fitness channel to see what the biggest YouTube fitness channels are mostly about. There are a ton of fitness channels out there, and quite a few with over one million subscribers.

Here are the biggest channels I found on YouTube that are centered around fitness, and I will add any more I find.

So hopefully this saves you some time in your research if you are looking for this info for whatever reason, since I couldn’t find much on it, mostly articles on which channels are the ‘best YouTube fitness channels of 2017’ etc., as opposed top which are the biggest.

Leave a comment if you know of any that I haven’t listed


2. Fitness Blender

3. Blogilates

4. Athlean-X

5. BeFit

6. Twin Muscle

7. ScottHermanFitness

8. PopSugar Fitness

9. Kali Muscle

10. Bradley Martyn

11. BroScienceLife


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One of our staff has an awesome channel that deals with fitness, and a few other topics, like mindset, addiction, and just helpful life advice, check it out here if that sounds like it could help you:

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