Jobs That Require Drug Testing

With the legalization of cannabis in many States in the USA, people are finding that they are able to obtain various forms of marijuana, either with medical clearance, or just purchasing it in one of the States that has legalized the use of it.

However, that does NOT mean that it’s okay to use this if you are working in an environment that requires you to operate machinery.  Of course, you must be keen on the rules and regulations set forth by your employer as they are obviously thinking “safety first” in all aspects of their corporate structure.  (At least most of them are, and should be.)

How to Find out if Your Company Will Test You for Drugs?

We’ve put together a page that essentially directs you to a source that will allow you to search a database that shows if your company participates in drug testing in any way, shape or form.

First off, it’s good to learn more about the various types of drug testing, which include:

We’ve also compiled many resources on ways you can pass drug tests, should you be scared that you may not be able to do so without some assistance.

The best way to attack a drug test is to entirely rid your body of any toxins.  While this may not be simple for any habitual user of marijuana, start by drinking as much water as possible in the weeks proceeding the interview.  Of course, going into the interview you probably won’t know if you will get the job offer, but let’s face it, you have to assume that you will be hired and be entirely prepared to take a drug test if they extend you an offer.

Passing drug tests may be difficult, but not entirely possible.  There are many methods, such as those listed above in the many resources we provided, that can help you beat a drug test and obtain the job you want.  Once hired, you probably won’t be tested again, unless you give your employer any reason to think you are using drugs.  Be very careful, and of course, never use any drug on the job.

Again, the point was to show you two things today.

  1.  That you can look up companies and find out if they drug test.
  2.  That you can pass tests by using many of the methods outlined on our website, even if you are a heavy user.

Information is power.  Use it to your advantage.

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