A lot of us do not like the idea of getting drug tested, but testing for drugs has become a standard part of the hiring process for many companies.

No matter which company you want to work for, private or government, you will likely have to submit some sort of drug test as a pre-employment requirement.

Just because some States have recreational marijuana DOES NOT mean it’s okay to be under the influence of it while at work, or even have it in your system.

In fact, I have a friend in Nevada who loves to smoke weed, however his job requires him to operate machinery.  Subsequently, he is drug tested often.

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companies requiring drug tests
Are you planning on applying for a job at any of these companies?

A List of Every Company That Requires Drug Testing


No matter who you are, you will have to through a drug test sooner or later. So it is very important to know which companies require you to submit drug tests before you join them. While mostly companies require you to submit pre-employment tests only, some may ask you to submit tests during your time with them.

Drug checks are often pre-employment, before promotion or due to suspicion.

Companies may require you to submit tests using recommended methods of drug testing:

  • Urinalysis
  • Saliva Tests
  • Hair Tests
  • Blood Tests
  • Breathalyzer
  • Sweat Patches

While there are different methods of administering a drug test, the most popular methods among big conpanies are through urine and blood.

Here is what distinguishes the two methods of drug testing:

Drug testing through urine – Testing for drugs through urine is the most popular method. The test requires you to urinate in a cup and hand it over to a laboratory for the test.

A report is later mailed to you or you may have to collect it. The test does not require a doctor, which is why it is a very affordable way of getting tested for drugs.

Testing through urine is not the most accurate way, which is why sometimes you may be required to get tests done through other methods. One of which is as follows.

Drug Testing Through Blood – Testing for drugs through blood is considered to be more accurate than the former. But since blood testing is often done by a doctor or a medical expert, it can be expensive to administer.

You may need to ask your employer for their recommendation over the type of test they administer.

Here are 8 big companies that drug test their employees requiring submission of Urine or Blood tests

Barnes And Nobel – The largest retail book seller in the U.S requires pre-employment drug tests through urine. Depending on your position, you may not be required to take tests.

American Express Financial A – The financial giant requires pre-employment drug tests only through urine.

FedEx – The American Global courier services company requires pre-employment drug tests only through Urine.

UPS (United Parcel Service) – The world’s largest package delivery service conducts random drug tests (reported to be every 30 days) through urine.

WalMart – The multinational retail corporation operating a chain of hypermarkets require pre-employment drug tests only through urine.

Philip Morris – The American Global cigarette and Tobacco Company requires pre-employment drug tests through blood.

Target – The second largest retailer in the United States, Target, requires pre-employment only drug tests through Urine.

McDonalds – The largest chain of hamburger restaurants require pre-employment tests only through urine.

There are many others as well, and you can find an extensive database here.

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