Saliva tests can be incredibly frustrating at times.

Why is that?

Because you’re trying to figure how to be sure to pass the test, but when you ask everyone you know for advice, you’re going to get so many different responses it’s not even funny.

How are you supposed to come up with an effective plan to beat a mouth swab test if everybody has a different answer for your problem?Passing a mouth swab test

Well, opinions are always going to vary on the Internet. People are always going to give different advice on forums and other platforms. So it’s up to you to trust information that absolutely works.

Truth be told, it’s actually possible to pass a saliva screening through a number of different ways. Ultimately, you need to find the ones that are effective and then figure out which is best for you. Since everybody’s body is unique, some ways of passing a mouth swab test are going to be better than others.

So do yourself a huge favor, take a deep breath, and realize that it’s possible to pass a cotton swab test in 2019

, so consider yourself lucky because you’re about to get the best answers possible.

Mouth Swab Test Overview

The truth about the saliva mouth swab test is very simple. It’s actually a kind of new procedure, which means it’s also gaining in popularity at the moment.

In the US, this test is being used a lot more over the last decade. Employers like the mouth swab test for a number of different reasons.

Some of them include:

    • it costs less money compared to a urine test
    • the mouth swab test can be administered right on-site
    • you can get instant results with this test
  • it’s a noninvasive procedure

At the end of the day, employers like going with this test because it’s convenient and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. In fact, many employers are now capable of interviewing a potential employee, offering them a job, and having them take their saliva test within a very short period of time.

Is the Saliva Test Perfect?

Far from it. In fact, out of all the tests, it’s in your best interest that a potential employer use this one over other options. This is the easiest one to go in your favor.

From an employer’s perspective, some potential drawbacks include:

    • a person can pass a saliva test if they’ve been clean for a week
    • certain products can mask drug usage on a saliva test

Clearly, employers have to worry about this test because it does have its drawbacks. This is a benefit to anyone looking to get a new job even if they still have drugs in their system. As long as it out of their mouth, they will pass the test with flying colors.

At Home Remedies That Work for Passing a Mouth Swab Test

The great thing about mouth swab tests is that you can pass them without much difficulty even if you’d end up failing a hair or urine test. Some options to think about from home are as follows:

    • Chewing gum – believe it or not, there are many people that have sworn that they can chew gum – in particular Dentyne ice or other ice type gum – and pass a mouth swab test without any trouble at all. This is good because there must be something within the crystals and those ice gums that alter the results of the test in your favor. So give it a try.
    • Altoids – this might seem like an odd one, but Altoids also work to skew the results of a mouth swab test. They work just like the ice gum trick. There must be something within these formulas that can alter the results in your favor.
    • Eat a high-fat meal and drink lots of water – some people say this method works. Others not so much. Try it at your own risk.
  • Toxin Rid Rescue Mouthwash – this product was specifically designed to help people pass a mouth swab test. Many people swear by it so you should definitely check it out because it certainly works.

 Toxin Rid Rescue Wash 
Try these methods as soon as possible if you need to pass a mouth swab test in 2019.

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