Does Walmart Drug Test?

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Today, I’m answering a user submitted question that I’m sure many people have on their minds:

Does Walmart Test Employees for Drugs?

Walmart does drug screening.  When you pass your initial round of interviews, you’ll eventually get to a point where you will have to submit a drug test.  This is for both new and returning employees.  It also is necessary if you are “moving on up” in the company ranks, so don’t think that just because you are already there, being a valuable member of their team, that you are safe.

The Walmart Employee Drug Screening

As I mentioned, nobody is safe at Walmart.  If you are testing positive, you won’t be offered the promotion and could lose your employment.

Does Walmart Drug Test on First Interview?

Not according to what I read.  However, be ready after the first or second interview.  Basically everyone in any corporate job will be subject to the same thing, and it’s no different in the case of Walmart.

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What Drugs Do Walmart Employees Test For?

Like most companies that issue drug tests, Walmart is looking for marijuana use more than anything.  It’s the most abused drug, let’s be honest.  In fact, it’s legal in many places to use recreation-ally so it’s more abundant than ever.

Which Drug Tests Does Walmart Use?

Like most places, you will be issued a urine test.  This is the most common procedure for drug screening and everyone has to go through it.  It’s not random, it’s mandatory.  The urine is taken from applicants and is tested for any trace of drugs afterwards.

Applying for a job at Walmart?

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