Does Home Depot Drug Test?

Making my rounds of companies who will drug test you, today I landed on the Home Depot.  Everyone knows the Home Depot, it’s a cornerstone shop for the do it yourselfer’s out there who are into home remodeling, repair, as well as professional general contractors who are in that life of fixing up stuff for a living.

But let’s flip the script today and look at the other side of the counter.  Clearly people who are recommending power tools, drills, machinery, and home furnishings need to have a clear and open mind. Probably more so than the average person at Walmart!  (Really, how hard is it to sell toilet paper?)

Will Home Depot Make You Take a Drug Test?

If you are interested in employment at the Home Depot, you probably have some anxiety about the drug test they will issue you if you are a user of marijuana or another substance.  Often times people are nervous about that first interview and wondering if a drug test will come up, but today I’ll go on record saying that Home Depot will NOT drug test you until you are being offered the job.  Officially.


So that answer is YES – they will make you take a drug test.

So let’s say you nail your first interview and feel good about your chances of being offered a job. 

You are a habitual or casual weed smoker and you want to get that out of your system.  What do you do to make sure you can pass the Home Depot Drug test?

Well, we are going to assume it’s a urine test.

You need to find the best way to pass a urine test, and luckily, I’ve covered that for you.  You see, I’ve helped 100’s of people pass drug tests – legally I’ll add- by suggesting products that are designed to help the casual user clear a test.  Even on short notice.

A detox is always a good idea too if you are going to take a Walmart drug test.  Here’s a few links to products I’ve sampled that work wonders.

With this information in hand, you are ready to confidently apply to work at Walmart.  Good luck!


Pass a drug test with Testclear



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