CBD Oil Can Heal Fractured Bones

So we’ve been doing a lot of digging in on CBD oil and what it can do for you to ease the pain, but this is entirely out of left field!

Normally I’m helping people pass drug tests, but today I’m actually speaking of the benefits of something you may be consuming if you smoke reefer.

CBD Oil was reported to have the ability to heal fractured bones.  I’m still in shock over this one, but I read it right here.

Today I’ll extrapolate just what I feel are the main parts of the article.

Can CBD Oil Heal Broken Bones?


So this was tested in rats who had broken legs, apparently. 

This plant has been linked to curing cancer, as well as now healing broken bones.  The research was done by scientists in Israel and they are continuing to find benefits of this plant.

If you aren’t in the know, marijuana has two parts that make it up – THC, and CBD.

The THC is probably the one you hear about a lot because it’s the main psychoactive (the fun stuff) involved in cannabis.  It gets you high as a kite if you let it.

But, there is also the magical CBD.  This is the part that Big Pharma would not like you to know about.


Because they want to sell you their stuff!

Just check out the video below and you can make your own mind up about how they operate.

The fact is, you can separate CBD oil from the THC and use it for purposes to benefit your health.  It won’t turn you into Tommy Chong, but rather it can make the healing process involved in broken bones go much faster.  You may have heard about this on media outlets by now.

The study showed maturation of collagen, which is the essential protein in the connective tissue that keeps your body together.  If you follow skin care, you know that eye serums and other anti aging products always tout the benefits of increasing and maintaining collagen.

Stay tuned, because I think that the world is in for a big surprise.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the world as medical marijuana becomes closer to the forefront of science.


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