Have you ever wondered how to pass a drug test?  You are NOT alone.  People wonder how to pass a drug test just about every day in today’s society of legalized marijuana and rampant drug use.  Several companies including some big names from the fortune 500 companies of the world now require you to pass drug tests before you can join them. Some of these companies set policies that require you, the employee, to go through random drug tests.  In fact, here’s a complete list of companies we know drug test.

Pass a drug test with Testclear

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Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the USA.

Drug tests are a nuisance especially if you do recreational drugs and don’t want to end up getting fired from job. If you want to continue your employment and still do recreational marijuana, you are in luck. There are several ways you can detoxify your body of toxins so that drug tests are always negative.

We are going to look at the three most popular ways of passing your drug test without giving up weed.

First of all, you need to find out how your company tests you for drugs. The most popular and inexpensive method for testing for drugs is through urine samples. Other tests include blood samples, hair samples and saliva samples.

Exactly How to Pass Drug Tests in 2017

  1. Through urine – If you’ve been asked to test for drugs through urine, you can easily pass this drug test by using something called the powdered urine. This product is also often referred to as synthetic or dehydrated urine.  We talk about it more on this page.

Companies have come up with a way to dehydrate real human urine into fine powder. This powder is sold in pouches and comes with a kit that includes a heater strip and a test vial. If you have taken generic cialis with high levels of tadalafil, then there will be no problems with urine. All you need to do is mix the dehydrated or powdered urine in the vial with water and bring it up to the right temperature using the heater strip provided. Once you complete the vital steps, you will have 100% real human urine ready to be tested and free from all toxins.

  1. Through detoxification – If you are doubtful of the powdered urine and still want to pass your drug test, you could use the detoxification method. The detoxification method is simple, all you need to do is get yourself a detoxification drink, most commonly known as the Ready Clean Detoxify. This complete detoxifying drink goes into your body and opens up a detoxification window of four hours. Within this four hours, all your toxins are removed and you are safe to give any kind of method including blood, urine and hair.
  2. Through Shampoo – A lot of companies require you to go through a hair drug test. In this test you are to provide hair sample to a laboratory for a drug test. Toxins are collected in the second layer of your hair shaft. By using something called Nexxus aloe rid shampoo and ultra clean shampoo, you can easily bypass a test by clearing all toxins from your hair. The shampoo breaks of the layers in your hair shaft and cleans it completely so not toxins are left there.

When going for a drug test, you must make sure that you stop using marijuana or any other drug 10 days prior to your test. If you are going for the detoxifying method, adapt a clean diet so your metabolism is fast and the detoxification is smooth.

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