Most anti aging serums nowadays end up in the trash because they simply fail to be effective or their ingredients are not powerful enough. Elite Serum is different from the lot because of its marketing, its formulation and the quick results it promises.

Elite Serum RXIt all starts with the packaging which is only an indicator of the great results you can expect from this serum after you have lashed out the hefty above $80 price tag.

Elite Serum Rx Anti Aging Serum Review

The bottle comes in the shape of an injection or syringe which can only be understood as a metaphor for Botox injection and the brand trying to tell you it promises effects similar to that.

Furthermore since you have to take out the serum this unique way, you will not risk contaminating the jar or getting germs in there. The product is also not wasted when it is taken out in such a precise fashion.

Another thing which sets the Elite Serum apart from the rest is the brand that makes it which is called SkinPro. This brand is responsible for many products in the past years which have garnered cult followings and the Elite Serum is no different. Most customers after having tried it once claim they can’t live without it and cannot replace it with any other premium product.

elite serum in box

The brand is also known for cosmeceutical peptides which are safe for regular use so that is an added bonus. They have peptide suppliers from Europe which make their products effective and competitive in the field of scientific skincare.

The serum is all about a quick acting philosophy. With powerful ingredients like the patented Argireline, it is formulated to act quickly and deliver results in just a few weeks. Application is recommended for twice a day. It also has some other peptides such as Snap-8 which are very effective for crow’s feet, fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

Other ingredients like hyaluronic acid and Eyeliss and Matrixyl 100 are also included and they are wonderful for moisturizing the skin and keeping that hydration in the skin for longer. Moisture is usually lost in older skin easily which is why something like this is brilliant.

For dark circles Elite Serum has the powerful Haloxyl to deal with puffiness and darkness. The effects are again quite potent and fast-acting so that is good news especially if you have suffered a lot of sun damage which can accumulate over time if left untreated.

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Update:  If that isn’t enough information to show you how powerful Elite Serum Rx Anti Aging Serum really is, here’s a video Elite Serum review by none other than top ten review expert Mandy Payne!

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