Onnit Total Strength + Performance

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Onnit sells nootropics: brain stimulating supplements which are natural and safe for adults who want to achieve more. They are not satisfied with “average.” Total Strength + Performance is free of stimulants yet enables athletes to perform to their utmost without breaking any laws.

Total Strength + Performance


This workout supplement supplies the benefits of increased power, strength, faster and fuller recovery, and general performance enhancement without drugs. Onnit aims to balance your hormones, making better use of natural sources of energy and recovery. It is effective as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Clinical, Serious Studies

Consumers are welcome to read the results of clinical trials which show that, against the use of a placebo, Onnit Total Strength + Performance really improves the results of athletic effort. This double-blind study was run in Florida under professional medical supervision and involved athletes from Florida State University over a 4-week period. They claim results were positive. Read testimonials on the Onnit website for more confirmation this product can help you.

Natural Plant Nutrition

Onnit makes this supplement with plants only. Their ingredients are all natural because, as they say at Onnit, our bodies were designed to work with food, not chemicals, in order to access nutrition and to succeed physically. Longjack, Luteolin, and Beta-Alanine are among the ingredients helping your body work harder without the consequences you would expect. The human body knows what to do with these resources right away.

Longjack, a beautiful Asian plant, provides elements coveted for hot drinks in regions where it is a native beauty. Its use is especially associated with male anti-aging.

Animal and fish meats provide Beta Alanine, a non-essential amino acid. Its presence in the body reduces the acidic response in muscles which causes cramping and fatigue.

Total Strength and Performance Supplement
Several fruits, vegetables, and herbs produce the antioxidant Luteolin. They include lemons and oregano. Luteolin is also an anti-inflammatory used by traditional Chinese therapists to reduce excessive amounts of female hormones.

By choosing these active ingredients to strengthen and protect muscle, competitors are able to avoid Performance Enhancing Steroids which undermine their health and which, if detected, would eliminate them from competition under a dark cloud.

More seeds and roots contribute to the formula such as Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract to supply a positive mental experience, Nettle Root Extract was chosen for its fiber content and to enhance muscle recovery, while Red Clover Flower Extract supports an optimum hormonal balance, something few people truly experience or recognize. These are just some of the essential and exciting nutrients which contribute to the richness of this easily-digestible supplement for active men and women.

How to Take Onnit Total Strength + Performance

This product is a powder. Take two scoops at a time before you work out or during a break before picking up the weights again. Zero-calorie stevia sweetens the mixture but you could always mix it with pure fruit juice or into a smoothie instead of drinking it with water alone. Many people find these powders a little difficult to swallow, but Onnit has made their strength-drink palatable.

Try it out for a month and if you don’t see improvement, this is not the drink for you. Many customers, however, claim they see almost instant improvement in the way they feel and the quality of their performance. Recently I noticed Cody Garbrandt spoke well of it on his Instagram.

Check it out at: http://www.onnit.com

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