Forskolin: Is It Safe And Effective For Weight Loss?

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Maybe you have already received a dose of Forskolin at some time in your life as an ingredient in prescription medication. It has been used for a long time in modern medicine, though it’s not famous for that role.

Even though people have been using the plant as an herbal remedy for skin problems and stomach ailments for centuries, it only came to fame recently, thanks to TV exposure. Of course, you can guess what it’s famous for now — weight loss.

The Golden Touch

Nothing gets people excited like the promise of losing weight the easy way. If you’re not into changing your diet or adding exercise to the daily routine, a pill or powder will suit you just fine. Some individuals go to great lengths to lose weight, even having surgery or taking illegal drugs in the hope they will either have no room for seconds or become energized and burn calories while they sleep or without really noticing exercise (as in, when they are high). It’s a dangerous game, but supplements have been equally dangerous over the years.

Overly Stimulating

For example, some weight-loss drugs were removed from pharmacy and health food-store shelves because they stimulated the body so much deaths were directly linked to these products by the FDA. Today, most product should be safe for the average person. Certain people will experience digestive problems and other side-effects have been reported, but generally they don’t hurt people. The bigger concern is that consumers are not being ripped off.

Does Forskolin Work as a Weight Loss Product?

Here’s the thing: if customers approach the topic with common sense, they know what is not going to happen – that is, weight will not melt off of their bodies miraculously just because they took a pill. It could be Forskolin, Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean Extract, or Garcinia Cambogia, but only a total lifestyle overhaul and commitment to the plan will get you to the weight you desire if your body will even go there. What’s right for one body type isn’t right for another. Healthy living is important; being skinny is not.

So, are you conscientious about eating a diet rich in good fats but low in saturated fats and refined foods? Is your menu 50% fruits and vegetables? Do you drink enough water and enjoy regular exercise of some kind? Okay, now you can think about adding Forskolin to the shelf reserved for supplements. Push the Raspberry Keytones and other fat burners to one side for a few days and see what this stuff does for you.


To date, there is no clinical evidence that Forskolin, a plant related to the mint family, really works as a metabolic booster. It appears to be safe overall, but studies aren’t conclusive about the efficacy of this supplement for obese individuals.

Anecdotal evidence suggests there is hope; that one could potentially push past some weight loss plateaus or kick-start a routine that can really work. The few safety precautions pertain to individuals whose blood doesn’t clot well or whose blood pressure is naturally low, but that can be the case with a lot of supplements.

Just don’t take this supplement if you fall into a high-risk or vulnerable category such as a very young or very old person or someone with a chronic illness.



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