Day 4 of my 7 Day Soup Diet Challenge – Ok, I’m a LITTLE Hungry

Today marked my 4th day on the 7 Day Soup Diet – in effect, my “get off the sugar” challenge! When I first embarked on this, Hoang (the wellness and sports massage therapist whose office is adjacent to my gym) told me that today (the 4th day) would likely be the most difficult.

I have to agree. First of all – if you are ever going to consider a little reboot like this, do yourself a favor and don’t go to the supermarket on day 4. I felt like I could smell sub sandwiches calling me over, along with the fried chicken in the deli case.

Fortunately, I stayed strong!

Actually, it wasn’t too bad. During the afternoon I felt hungry, and the soup and a couple of bananas wasn’t quite cutting it. I drank more herbal tea and water, and that helped take the edge off.

NO desire to drink wine at all. That’s a good thing!

Interestingly, even though I had a few hunger pangs during the afternoon, right now as I type this post (nearly 9:00 pm), I’m not hungry at all, and I feel good in general.

There is a feeling of “less bloat” if that makes any sense.

I did go to the gym earlier and only did a light workout – just to move around. I rowed 3500 meters (20 minutes), did some goblet squats and some ring rows. Just enough to say I did something. I was actually feeling a little weak early on, so I’m satisfied to have just done SOMETHING.

It’ll be more like a 5 3/4 Day – instead of a 7 Day Soup Challenge

One thing I didn’t realize when I decided to do this challenge was that we might be out of town for parts of it. Hey, life happens!

But, as a note: If you would like to plan a week of this type of challenge, I believe that it works best if you know you’re going to be in a fairly predictable routine for those 7 days.

It turns out that this weekend we are going to be helping our friends with some clearing of debris left on their uncle’s property after one of the hurricanes. We’ll be heading out early Friday morning, and won’t be back before evening on Sunday.

Which means a little change in the last 2 days of the challenge. I spoke with Hoang about it, and he had all sorts of ways to help me stay the course, but I have to say that I know myself very well. There is little to no chance that I’m going to stay on soup while hanging out with friends, staying at a hotel near some great restaurants, and also doing quite a bit of physical work on the property.

It’s really something we’re looking forward to – great friends, and a little mini-vacation!

I’m not saying that I’m going to throw all my efforts out the window; not at all. I’m going to be doing a few more days of the soup once I get back, including next Wednesday when my dad comes into town for a few weeks. I already know he will love this soup, so that will be an easy thing to incorporate!

Tomorrow I’ll document my Day 5 efforts, which are pretty much prepared. The plan was to have some steak or other meat, so this evening I stewed some lean beef into the vat of soup. It will be very tender in the morning, and I will be looking forward to having some!

Anyway, check out the video that talks a little more about today’s adventures! And please tune in again tomorrow! 🙂

(PS: If you missed my “Day 3” post – you can read it HERE!)

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