7 Day Soup Diet Challenge: Day 3

Today was an easy day on this 7 Day Soup Diet challenge that I’ve challenged myself to try. Of course there was plenty of soup. And, it’s a good thing I enjoy it!

Besides the soup itself, today I was allowed fruit, veggies, and a baked potato and BUTTER at dinner! That potato was delicious!

For other veggies, I had some sauteed spinach and mushrooms, and made enough for John to have with some eggs and cheese tomorrow, which will be a delicious breakfast for him! I also made an extra potato that he’ll thoroughly enjoy sliced up and cooked in some butter. Yum!

Interestingly, I didn’t feel at all inclined to have any sugar at all.

Finding Humor in This Diet

One funny thing that happened, as you’ll see in my video (below), is that we thought John (my husband) was supposed to go play softball at 6:45 pm – and so he was going to swing through a Burger King on the way. After 3 days of not much more than soup, he figured he could handle a little junk food! LOL

Anyway, the game had been switched to 8:30, and he was looking at the prospects of eating, well, more cabbage soup. I encouraged him to go get that darned Burger King meal and bring it home. He didn’t want to be eating it in front of me (just in case it tempted me too much), but honestly, it was fine.

It was just one of those humorous moments. Perhaps you had to be there. 🙂

Tomorrow is “banana day” which does NOT sound thrilling to me since I don’t much care for bananas. But, I have them ready to go.

Hopefully I ate so much today I just won’t be terribly hungry tomorrow anyway!

Got a Gua Sha “Coining” Treatment

I did see Hoang this morning, because my shoulder had been aching from overdoing it on an exciting workout last week (it was the start of the Crossfit Open games, and I was having fun – but I should have listened to my coach and my body and gone with a little lighter weight in my left hand).

Hoang did something with a coin on my shoulder (some scraping technique called Gua sha), and then taped it up – and I got a little video of him taping me, which I’ll work on later for you!

I did not do any working out today at all. I’m thinking of a light session at the gym tomorrow if my shoulder feels better!

Potential Monkey Wrench Coming Up

We have some great friends in the area who are staying at their uncle’s home a couple of hours from us. His property sustained some hurricane damage, and we want to go help them with some of the cleanup details this weekend.

What this means for my progress on this challenge is that I may need to end it and come back to it again before the entire 7 days is done. I’ll talk with Hoang about this. He did say that if something happens (and, let’s face it, LIFE just happens sometimes!), we can go back to it.

I should be able to get through 5 full days however before any disruptions occur.

No matter what, just these 3 days alone has helped me change up my mindset and think about food quite differently than I had been! (Not to mention more days without any alcohol calories too!)

Once I talk with Hoang about it, I’ll report back. See you with tomorrow’s update!

(By the way, if you missed “Day 2” on the diet, you can read about it here!)

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