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Day 5 of the 7 Day Soup Diet Challenge – Last day before heading out of town

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Today (Day 5) feels a little anti-climatic on my 7 Day Soup Diet challenge / journey Maybe because I was supposed to be eating meat It felt like I was cheating for some reason It's a bit interesting to me that I felt hungry for a while this morning, but then, I had to force myself to eat I had stewed some meat last night in preparation for today, so I knew the meat would be tender, and any residual fat from the chuck roast I had purchased would have risen to the top, easy to skim

Day 4 of my 7 Day Soup Diet Challenge – Ok, I’m a LITTLE Hungry

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Today marked my 4th day on the 7 Day Soup Diet - in effect, my "get off the sugar" challenge! When I first embarked on this, Hoang (the wellness and sports massage therapist whose office is adjacent to my gym) told me that today (the 4th day) would likely be the most difficult I have to agree First of all - if you are ever going to consider a little reboot like this, do yourself a favor and don't go to the supermarket on day 4 I felt like I could smell sub sandwiches calling me over, along

Day 1 of My 7 Day Soup Diet and Detox

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Hi folks, Today marked the first day of the special 7 day soup diet and detox I'm committed to Fortunately, I have the help my husband, who is supporting my efforts! This is the protocol that Hoang Le, the massage therapist I'm working with at my gym (I talk about him in this video at my channel), is helping me with in order to get me past some of the sugar and wheat "overload" that my body has been struggling with for a long time Anyway, if you have been keeping up with my video series