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Martin is an online entrepreneur with a passion for cars, inspired topics like success and the law of attraction and he's gotten back into fitness, and is in the best shape of his life, even when he played hockey and soccer year round.

He's also a trained chef with 20 years experience in different kitchens.

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pH Tests Of Bottled Water: Which Are The Most Alkaline Or Acidic?

By Posted on 5 min read 1197 views
This is an ongoing test I am doing when I purchase new brands of bottled water I have read about how alkaline water is good from various sources, and then, there are skeptics that wonder if it makes a difference I'm not here to debate that; just show a couple brands I tested There are plenty more brands I have not tested, and will add any more that I purchase For me personally, I would prefer to drink alkaline water over acidic water, just from the things I have heard about it over the

Sage Northcutt Brings A Bodybuilder Through An MMA Training Regimen

By Posted on 1 min read 279 views
You have to love Sage Northcutt, with his polite demeanor, and great attitude, and if you weren't aware, he is a fierce professional fighter, and also currently the youngest fighter in the UFC This video wasn't quite a Sage versus the bodybuilder, as the title suggests, but rather Sage taking Hunter Labrada through an HIIT circuit I took out some ideas from this for a nice circuit to both build muscle, and get a great cardio workout Fighting training, even without contact, is an amazing