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Telomeres and Aging

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Genes are found inside the nucleus of cells in the human body inside tightly bound strands of DNA Telomeres are also essentially some form of DNA and they are found at the end of a chromosome to be exact The main function of telomeres has been traced to the protection of vital genetic data This data is believed to include information about genes which indicate how long we will live and how vulnerable we are to certain diseases and infections Telomeres enable certain cells to reproduce


Tips For Maintaining Good Health

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The best approach to good health is a holistic one; the kind of health handling in which an individual addresses his or her emotional and physical needs Considering one's spiritual life is also important: there has to be something that connects a person to the rest of the world and gives him a reason to bother with what can seem like a lot of effort in times of extreme trial and stress Here are some tips to promote good health throughout life Spend Time with People The desire to curl up