Propylene Glycol: Is It Bad For You?

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Propylene glycol, or PG is used in a wide variety of products, and has numerous purposes. One example that is becoming more and more popular is e-liquid for electronic cigarettes and other vaping products. In addition to other ingredients, e-liquid contains a base. This base is often propylene glycol.

Propylene Glycol Can Be Beneficial

Some medical studies have shown propylene glycol may help some individuals stay healthy. This substance may act as a deterrent against respiratory conditions, such as influenza and pneumonia. When propylene glycol is vaporized in a vaping product and then inhaled, it may decrease your risk of developing these respiratory illnesses.

Propylene Glycol Cautions

PG is generally considered to be a safe liquid. It can cause allergic reactions in some people. Some individuals may have an allergic reaction in their throats after inhaling it, and some people may experience skin irritations if the liquid comes in contact with their skin.

As it is safe for most people, vaping with e-liquids containing propylene glycol can be a first step for people who want to cut down on cigarette smoking or give up the habit entirely. Moderate use is rarely harmful, especially if your goal is to end your dependence on smoking.

However, as no compound is completely healthy, this does not mean you should take up vaping if you are not trying to give up cigarettes. People who have never smoked can become addicted to vaping.

Is PG-Based E-Liquid Right For You?

This particular base has no taste and no odor. As the liquid is thin, it is easier to manage than other e-liquids. It is convenient to use, and easy to clean your vaping supplies.

All vape liquid will have some PG in it, and it will be typically 50% or less (they call it the PG/VG ratio).

So far as ratios of propylene glycol or PG, for the purpose of vaping, you will want to get the right ratio for the device you are using, as a high ratio of PG in a powerful device will be extremely harsh.

If you have a product that already has the flavor added, then no worries, but with an upgraded device, or mod, you’ll want a higher VG ratio, around 70-80%.

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