Day 2 of my 7 Day Soup Diet Challenge – and My Mom’s Birthday

I thought of my mom a lot today while I prepared my foods on today’s installment of my 7 Day Soup Diet Challenge. It’s Monday, February 26th, and my mom – had she not passed away so young – would have been 86 today.

So, I’m dedicating this post to my mom. I think she would have been cheering me on with this particular challenge!

Everyone has challenges

We all have something that we struggle with. While my mom struggled with her weight, in hindsight (and in looking at myself!), I know that her biggest issue was likely self-esteem when it came to her dealing with her sister and mom – both of whom were born in Russia. My mom was the only one born in the US, and she was 18 years younger than her older sister.

This was my mom – probably around 1950 or so.

Both of those Russian matriarchs had a tough life in Russia. In fact, the stories are worthy of a blog all on its own. But, since my mom was born here, the only perception of “hardship” she had was from her parents and sister.

Put it this way: if you’ve ever heard the term “guilt trip,” my perception growing up was that was the “trip” my mom lived. I think she always had a little bit of old-world guilt that she was born into far better circumstances than her sister. Not that they didn’t love one another – I KNOW they did. It’s just that I always had the feeling that she couldn’t ever do enough to fully please her elders.

For some reason, I never got the impression from my grandfather that he laid on the guilt. I think when my mom, auntie, and grandma were yelling at each other (always in Russian), my grandpa simply turned off his hearing aid. I saw him do it.

How would my mom have reacted to my present situation?

I always thought of my mom as a bit of a rebel. She cussed, she smoked, and she yelled (and threatened us kids with “the wooden spoon” more than once). She also knew how to have a good time.

As I type this post, I can’t help but smile at some of the memories I have. And I’m grateful for one thing: She never saw how terribly out of shape I allowed myself to get.

Come to think of it, I wonder if I would have taken better care of myself instead of wallowing in my own pity party for the last 20-odd years if she had lived.

I say that because my mom was the type to tell you what she REALLY thought! And she probably would have told me in no uncertain terms to get off my ass and do something about my situation. LOL…

Actually, I honestly don’t know how she would have reacted. I think, however, that she would have had a LOT of advice. She probably would have told me I drink too much and that I needed to cut it out. Hard to tell (she liked her vodka martinis, so who knows).

Back to the 7 Day Soup Challenge

Anyway, as I close out Day #2 on the challenge, I have to say that overall I feel quite good. I never got terribly hungry today for some reason.

Nonetheless, I prepared sauteed spinach and garlic (from our own garden!), as well as a delicious roasted cauliflower. I’ll share that in another post! It’s something we greatly enjoy, and make often.

As far as the gym is concerned, Hoang (the guy who challenged me to do this in the first place) had told me to not work out much this week since I wouldn’t be consuming that many calories. So, although I did go to the gym, I only did about 10 minutes of some light exercise – 1,000 meter row, 1 minute or so of single unders (jump rope), 10 ring rows and 20 air squats. Just to break a little sweat and say I showed up.

But I could definitely feel it. I was tired, and not really feeling the love when it came to exercise.

Afterwards, I went to see Hoang, and he put me in the arm compression sleeves (or whatever they’re called), followed by the leg compression sleeves.

Then, he agreed to go on camera to explain what and why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Unfortunately, I forgot to press “Record” on my phone. *Sigh*

Tomorrow is another day!

And, here’s to my mom, wherever she may be – other than always in my heart. <3

(PS: Here is the link to the first Day of the Diet in case you missed it!)

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