Silva Method

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What is stopping you from achieving your goals? Is it really true that hurdles stand in your way or are you the biggest obstacle to personal success? According to the Silva Method, negative thinking patterns do more harm than anything else. If you could work towards positive ideation, your life would look better.

Technique of the Silva Method

There are several steps to this method and a number of correlating benefits. The most important one is to think positively. Meditate or reflect on what you want and imagine achieving what you dream of.

It’s a very simple method if you know how to clear your mind. Meditation or relaxation involves sitting still in a comfortable position, closing your eyes, and breathing deeply.

You do not have to pray or speak to a spiritual force. At the same time, you are expected to receive guidance as to the decisions you should make about major life choices.

Tap into the voice of instinct and use more of your brain than the measly few percent most of us employ to manage life’s conflicts and appreciate life’s joys.

Benefits of the Silva Methods

According to those who propound this path to success, the results are manifold. If you regularly practice the method and let go of skepticism, you should be able to manage pain, stress, and sleep more soundly. Instincts will be more sharply honed.

We should always be learning, every day, but learning is a skill in and of itself. The Silva Method will teach you how to learn more effectively so that it’s not so hard picking up facts whereas you might have experienced a block towards certain subjects before; math or physics, for instance.

Dreams are powerful media which help us delve deeply into forgotten knowledge, past experiences, and buried feelings. These can be used to your advantage if you master the Silva Method.

Ultimately, all of these benefits should lead to greater success in any aspect of life whether that is pain management and general personal health, achieving a career goal, or pursuing athletic excellence. Tap into your imagination and fulfill your dreams.

A Few Thoughts on the Silva Method

I am unsure how this differs essentially from meditation. Although the founders of this method say that one does not need to practice a religion to make it work and that anyone from any faith or background would find this an acceptable approach, where is guidance supposed to come from if not from a higher power?

The idea of using one’s brain more efficiently sounds reasonable and even empirical. Combining this with the notion of seeking direction adopts spiritual implications.

On the one hand, other groups which practice meditation could safely claim that much of what makes this method effective can be found in their tenets. Some religions, on the other hand, would argue that seeking guidance outside of a spiritual authority is heretical.

The Science of Silva

The Silva Method, founded by José Silva, has clearly been inspired by other ways of thinking, but it has also been subjected to considerable research. The results of that research indicate that participants really do achieve their goals more often than those who do not, although it was not compared with other approaches such as more specific forms of meditation and prayer. Like all self-help ideas where you are central, anything will work for you if you want it to.

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