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Ever thought of just using your bodyweight to burn off excess calories? Some of the programs that accelerate weight loss look so good; so effective. One aspect stopping them from reaching more people is that too much equipment is needed.

Sure, the DVD system is inexpensive, but then there are free weights and other items to purchase. which costs money.

What if you don’t like the workouts? You are stuck with a useless set of DVDs and equipment that is useless to you or a gym membership you won’t use.

Wouldn’t it be simpler to try a program that doesn’t use all of that stuff? Besides, those routines usually take a long time to finish and they become boring.

No Equipment

There are lots of equipment-free series too. They include dance routines, yoga programs, Pilates, some even combine yoga and pilates, and more. Although there are some optional props, many of these systems can be done with nothing but a towel or a mat, but they don’t burn fat.

There is something missing from them or, more accurately, a bit too much of something. These workouts take too long which makes them difficult to fit into the regular schedule of a busy person. He or she is either reluctant to give so much time to exercise every day or two or doesn’t have a window of 60 minutes for exercise.

Cycling through the same moves all the time stops you from getting an effective workout and is dull too. How do exercise gurus help overweight consumers meet weight loss goals if regular cardio doesn’t work?

Adam SteerBody Weight

They don’t, at least not most of them, but Adam Steer believes he has developed the answer during his many years researching fitness. His Bodyweight Burn program uses a person’s own body weight in order to burn fat.

His participants melt away the pounds without equipment. They only need a floor mat or carpeted space in their own living room or basement. Participants can work out alone or in groups.

An even better feature of the Bodyweight Burn is how little time it requires: just 21 minutes a day. You might not even need to do it every day, but what’s 21 minutes? If you were going to take a walk every day for an hour, couldn’t you shave that down to 40 minutes and spend the other 21 minutes performing more effective weight loss routines?

Why 21 Minutes?

Studies have shown that working out too long is doing more harm than good to your weight loss goals. Apparently, people who work out for an hour at a time or even just 45 minutes at a stretch are causing themselves too much stress.

A little bit is good; stress helps us to respond to danger and also motivates action, but too much of it leads to a build up of cortisol. Some cortisol in the bloodstream burns fat; a lot of it causes the body to lay down fat stores around the abdomen.

The magic number, however, is just 21 minutes; 1/3rd of an hour; about half of the time or less than exercise videos normally call for. You’re still working hard all that time, but it’s over almost as soon as the session has begun. Although Steer says his findings are backed by science, anecdotal evidence alone proves there are obviously exceptions.

The Zone

There is a perfect zone in which one burns calories effectively and this is where the Bodyweight Burn workout starts. That is also where it finishes. In other words, participants stay in that zone the whole time for an efficient workout.

This suggests to me that one should potentially warm up for five minutes before starting and possibly cool down for another five with stretches afterwards. Maybe the 21-minute workout is actually half an hour all told, but one would have to buy the set in order to find out for sure.

There is often a catch to consider. The good news, though, is that Steer and the science backing his claims indicate that hours of exercise and sweating are no longer necessary and never helped in the first place.

Don’t train to run a marathon if this is how you plan to lose weight and keep it off. You might meet that goal initially, but running will cause you to gain fat in the end.

In just six weeks, fitness expert Adam Steer will help you tone your body, even if it is already fit or you are 70+. He does this by showing techniques to use your own bodyweight and to keep the metabolic system guessing.

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