Sweeteners That Are Healthier Alternatives To Sugar

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Sugar is receiving bad publicity for a good reason. Processed, refined white sugar is harmful to your body, your teeth, and your ability to control your weight. Whether you are preparing a recipe or sweetening a beverage, you can choose a healthier alternative.

Organic Honey

Honey is a natural alternative to sugar. It provides a number of benefits. It contains antimicrobial properties and vitamins. As there are various types of honey available, you have many flavors from which to choose. You can use it in nearly any recipe that calls for sugar, and sweeten your favorite beverages with honey.

Organic Maple Syrup And Organic Maple Sugar

For a delightful maple taste, you can easily avoid the health hazards of white sugar and syrups. Replace sugar in your recipes with maple sugar, and use maple syrup on your pancakes or French toast. If you are creative in the kitchen, you can make your own maple sugar candy.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is the healthiest type of molasses. It has nutritional benefits in addition to its natural sweetness. Blackstrap molasses is rich in calcium and iron. It is much sweeter than sugar, too, so it is ideal for baking.

Fresh Fruit Juice

When you are baking, use fresh fruit juice instead of sugar in your recipes. Fresh juice contains more nutrition than concentrated juices. Cookies, cakes, and other baked goods will have a unique sweet flavor when you use fresh orange, lemon, or other juice.


The name may sound like an artificial, unhealthy product, but stevia actually comes from an herb. It has been popular in Japan and South America for generations, and has taken a place as a favorite natural sweetener in the United States. Not only is it healthier than refined sugar, it is also much sweeter.

Stevia is popular because it does not have a glycemic impact and it does not have any calories. These features make stevia an ideal sugar alternative for everyone, including diabetics, individuals with other blood-sugar issues, and people who want to lose weight.


Xylitol may also sound like an artificial product, but it is another sugar substitute that is completely natural. In its natural state, it comes from certain vegetables and fruits. Xylitol is more expensive than refined sugar, but it is worth the extra cost when you want a healthier diet.

Why Choose A Sugar Alternative?

Refined sugar is linked to many health problems. When you consume sugar regularly, you also increase your risk of tooth decay and obesity. A natural sugar alternative is a better approach.

You can enjoy so many foods and beverages without sacrificing your health. You will be pleasantly surprised at how sweet they are when you avoid sugar.

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