Roy Jones Junior Is Cool With The Potential McGregor Mayweather Boxing Match

I was just watching yet another video where they brought up the hot topic of the potential boxing match between one of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather, and the current biggest name in the UFC, Conor McGregor.

Ariel Helwani had a conversation with Roy Jones Jr., and eventually brought up the possible fight, and asked what Jones Jr. thinks of it. He immediately said that he can’t hate on it, and broke down some potential ways that the fight could go.

One thing he pointed out was how Floyd has had some trouble with some southpaws, like Errol Spence, and that Conor is a southpaw, and so Roy figures Conor is likely going to hone in on that. Then he mentioned how unlikely it would be for Conor to beat Floyd, but he gave some insight into what he suspects is the strategy Conor will have going in.

It’s interesting how following Oscar De La Hoya showing how he doesn’t like the idea of this fight, some others have since not been so against it, like Roy Jones Jr., and also Andre Ward recently said he too wasn’t opposed to it either. Ariel asked Roy if he agreed with De La Hoya, and Roy said he won’t disagree with anyone, but he can see where they are coming from, as in that fans want to see it happen, and Floyd gives people what they want to see.

Roy Jones Jr vs Anderson Silva on The Undercard?

I wrote a post about the potential undercard for Mayweather Mcgregor, and one match up I put in there as a possibility is Roy Jones Jr. vs Anderson Silva. Both Roy and Anderson had said they are down, and Roy even mentioned being on the undercard for Conor vs Floyd.

I think that would be a great addition, as it pairs another MMA champ versus a world class boxer, and they are both over 40. I am hoping they add this on. Ariel also asked him about this, and he said it would be a good enough fight to be a main event, but if the money is right etc., then he could be open to it.

Here is the interview with Roy Jones Jr. Ariel asks him about it at 9:24 if you want to skip ahead:



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