Oscar De La Hoya Opposes The Floyd Mayweather Conor Mcgregor Fight – But is He Just Helping Promote It?

I just read an article on the LA Times about a letter Oscar De La Hoya wrote, addressed to the whole boxing community of fighters, fans and all supporters, pleading for everyone to not support the potential boxing match-up of Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor.

Is He Accidentally Helping To Promote It?

By making this statement, for one it sounds like the fight actually may happen. Also, I think it could backfire and generate even more interest in the fight.

Anyone who’s in his circle that may not have known about this potential match-up, now does, and when a big name like him makes a statement, it will be even more known, and with human nature, it will potentially ignite even more interest in the fight.

Then around the globe, you have Anthony Joshua intimating to Floyd being added to the undercard, which I personally think would be a smart move for everyone. Anthony sees the potential, and he knows it will put him in front of a lot of eyes, as he would likely end up with a very hyped up fight for the undercard.

Heck, as i wrote about previously, why not swing for the fences and put this fight on the same night as Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez?

I get the sense that De La Hoya would have a hard time agreeing to that, after expressing how he doesn’t want the sport tainted by the Conor Floyd fight, but can he not see the business potential of such a line up?

If they did indeed have all three fights on the same night, no one can deny that would be historic, and a record setting sports event to compete with any that have ever happened.

I don’t see that happening, but I do think it would be just epic.

Here Is What De La Hoya Isn’t Seeing

Oscar mentioned that he would love to see Floyd Mayweather fight someone like Keith Thurman, but that just isn’t worth it for Money to come out of his retirement, for his potentially record breaking 50th fight. And he also knows that very few fighters have the same draw as Conor Mcgregor does right now.

For example, you can take a look at the Instagram following of each; Floyd has a very respectable following, and Conor is catching up fast:

Then you have Keith Thurman with much less of a social media following, as impressive a fighter as he is:

Even GGG has just 1.6 million followers, which pales in comparison. A social media following doesn’t define a fighter obviously, but it likely is a determining factor in Floyd’s decision to come out of retirement, only to fight Conor.

And so, Floyd knows Conor is a big name right now, and for him, as he said, it is the only fight which makes sense. You will be hard pressed to find another active fighter who has such a following as these two, and so it makes business sense for both fighters, which they both freely admit is a huge factor in this.

Too Much Money To be Made Not To Happen?

I think anyone who’s on the business end of all this knows that the Mcgregor Mayweather fight has to happen, as there is just way too much money to be made. At the end of the day, fights like these are also entertainment, and that is what people expect to get from watching Floyd and Conor go at it in the boxing ring, and opinions are flying around like crazy about what people think will happen.

The seeming ridiculousness of it has people all riled up, and then there are some people, like Floyd himself, who say you never know what will happen, and don’t completely discount Conor, as he is undefeated at stand up fighting, just like Floyd is (Floyd said that when Conor lost was when he was taken to the ground).

Anyways, I hope to see it happen. What do you think?


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