Anti-Inflammatory Foods

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Inflammation is the swelling and reddening of an area caused by infection, injury, or a chronic condition such as arthritis. When inflammation arises in the first two cases, this demonstrates that the body is healing itself: one’s own immune system is sending an army of blood cells to the area.

Sometimes inflammation is on the inside (like inflammatory bowel disease or asthma) and it can’t be seen, but the pain it causes is very real. Anti-inflammatory drugs from the pharmacy or prescribed by a doctor make a big difference but they are hardly covering the real problem and few people want to rely on drugs. They do their own damage. Instead, many consumers prefer to treat inflammation naturally.

Anti-Inflammatory Food

Numerous foods are considered to have either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory properties. Consumers might even remember how a condition flared up when they ate something but not realized there was a connection.

Generally, anti-inflammatory foods are also the ingredients for a healthy life overall. They promote strong bones and teeth, circulation, and mental health. These are foods which repair cells and fortify your immune system.

Anyone can eat an anti-inflammatory menu daily and notice improvements to skin tone, weight, moods, or energy. Moreover, there are loads of great flavors and choices on this menu, so eating for good health is never boring.

An Anti-Inflammatory Menu

Few people across North America eat adequate amounts of wild fish. They don’t even eat tinned tuna very often compared with red meat. A diet high in red meat has been associated with some forms of chronic inflammatory disease.

Reducing portion sizes and servings per week could help, even eliminating red meat altogether. Replace beef with fish. Omega Fatty Acids are connected to brain health, nervous system function, but also promotes recovery from conditions like arthritis and IBS. You can’t go wrong with salmon, trout, or anchovies as long as they aren’t coated in batter or drowned in sauce.

Eat good fats. Olive oil is the one nutritionists recommend most, particularly a tablespoon or so sprinkled on salad. Don’t cook it though: this could destroy its beneficial properties.

Choose plain, full-fat yogurt containing live, active bacteria to help your body digest nutrients from food and to destroy bacteria which don’t help a body that’s struggling from any kind of condition or illness.

All berries are excellent for immunity. If you suffer from asthma or eczema, consider adding a handful of berries to your oatmeal at breakfast. Vary their color and don’t worry if fresh fruit isn’t in season.

Frozen berries are still packed with goodness and available all year. Eat them plain, not sprinkled in sugar. Drizzling honey, however, is beneficial. This is another antioxidant and all-around healer that should be in everyone’s pantry. Holistic health experts even recommend that people with seasonal allergies eat local honey regularly as it inoculates them against effects caused by the pollen from local plants.

Eat a diet high in fiber. There is a build-up of toxins in your body; things that attack your system. These include chemicals from water and the air, allergens, and substances in foods which your body isn’t tolerating well.

Consider getting tested for a milk or wheat allergy, but in the meantime, eat foods which help eliminate waste. These include nut butters, all types of beans, oats, green leafy vegetables, and produce in general. Drink lots of water to help fiber bulk up and do its thing.

Say No to these Foods

Cut back on saturated fat, sodium, table sugar, and baked goods. Indulging occasionally is okay, but chips, pop, and canned foods are causing damage. Most items in cans and jars at the supermarket are loaded with sodium and sugar that contribute to inflammation.

You could also be intolerant to wheat, resulting in an inflammatory reaction. Bad fats in junk food usually make inflammation worse. If you choose to drink pop, avoid synthetic sweeteners.

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