How I Lost 10 Lbs. In 2 Months, & I’m Over 40

I wrote a general post about how counting calories helped me to start losing weight, and received a nice response, and some people suggested I create a post with specifics like this.

I don’t consider it a huge deal, but apparently some people find this topic inspiring, maybe because it is a little more down to earth than some of the other claims out there.

Not to put them in doubt, but rather, maybe it’s a more realistic goal for some people who lead busy lives, like myself.

Matter of fact, I lead quite the busy life, and honestly did not make many changes to lose 10 pounds.

So this post is for anyone interested in more specifics in how I did this. i will be adding to this post as I have time, and so come back for more, or even leave a comment about anything you would like to know.

My Reason For This Post

I personally don’t find losing 10 pounds in 60 days too impressive, with some other programs out there, like the 3 Week Diet from which people have been said to lose as much as 20-30 lbs in 21 days.

Then we have Greg who has this ridiculous 6 pack, and an awesome bunch of tips he send to people who want to hear what he did.

But one friend insisted, as she said that this inspired her, as she feels it is attainable, since a the more extreme ones were a bit too much, and from how I described what i did, she was inspired to get started.

Diet, Diet, Diet!

So, here is the main factor in how I have started losing weight. They say that six packs happen in the kitchen, and I am now a firm believer.

My weight has never been an issue that I have struggled with, but seeing how I was overweight this past winter, I knew something had to be done.

I had been exercising consistently for some time leading up to winter, and though I have continued to improve my regime, it was absolutely my diet that made the most substantial difference. The crux of it as been watching calories. I watch the food I eat, and track the calories burned with my Garmin Vivosmart HR, creating a caloric deficit.

That is the skinny of it, and I have been losing a little over a pound per week, for a couple months now 🙂

That’s it for now. I’ll be back 🙂

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