Hi, I’m Greg, and I have gotten some success with my fitness goals, and have had some people ask what I did, and decided to answer those questions for anyone interested. You can sign up to receive them below if you haven’t already. (You will receive an email asking you to confirm you do want to receive emails from me, and just click the link to confirm).

Here is me before and after, it still surprises me sometimes just looking at it:

You’ll be getting to know a little more about me through the emails I will send you about my transformation journey. Some of it may surprise you.

Here are two more pictures of me doing things I love, Jiu Jitsu, and spending time with my son.

I don’t post a lot of pictures like these, but I want to show you that I am a real person, and these are a few more images that show me after getting in way better shape. (I don’t mind them anymore so much):

I personally am not even a fan of email lists, but I feel I have some valuable information I can share that has helped me, and so hopefully it will help you also!

Lastly, I hate spam as much as the rest of them, and won’t be spamming anyone, just raw information that has helped me!

Talk to you soon,



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