Claressa Shields Thinks Cris Cyborg vs Cecilia Brækhus Would Make A Good Boxing Match

I was just watching a video where someone was interviewing Cris Cyborg and Claressa Shields. They recently sparred and the footage went viral, partly because of all the talk about boxing vs MMA with the McGregor Mayweather fight set for August 26 later this year.

The interviewer asked the inevitable question of what they think about that fight, and then it lead to them talking about how sparring went, and then he asked Claressa what she thought of Cris as a boxer.

Claressa said Cris did quite well, that she’s strong, and then said she thinks Cris against Cecilia Brækhus could make a good fight.

Cecilia Brækhus is a professional boxer from Columbia, who’s 30-0, and Claressa referred to Brækhus as the top pound for pound in women’s boxing, and some are saying that Claressa is the top P4P (Shield’s is the only male or female from the U.S. to receive two gold medals in the Olympics).

They did also comment on the MMA debut of Heather Hardy at Bellator 180, who is also an undefeated boxer, with a 20-0 professional record, and she won her first fight by TKO, in her backyard at Madison Square Garden. Cecelia also has won some kickboxing championships; maybe an MMA fight is in her future as well.

I am enjoying all the crossing over of MMA and Boxing, and I personally would love to see the level of boxing in MMA get even better, and also maybe some more MMA fighters take on a pro boxer to see what happens, and even vice versa. Amir Khan said he would take on Conor McGregor in the cage – that would be interesting. Also, Chris Algieri seems like he could hold his own in MMA.

What do you think?


Here is the video from Cris Cyborg’s YouTube:



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