Best Natural Sources Of Whey Protein

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Most people these days who have researched protein supplements has come across whey protein. There are plenty of available supplements, but sometimes you just want to know where whey protein comes from, so you can take it in its natural form. Plus, you’re going to save money this way.

Whey is one of the easiest forms of protein to digest if you are not allergic or intolerant to lactose and, potentially, even if you are. Some people can tolerate the small amount of lactose found in whey powder.

It shouldn’t contain casein if you are eating a protein powder made with whey, but most natural sources of whey contain both. For those who can tolerate this protein, the body absorbs and uses its nutrition rapidly to provide benefits to bones, muscles, and hormones and to give you energy.

Protein powders are good, but there are natural sources of whey protein which provide so much more than just protein.

Number One Source: Milk

Drink your 2% or skimmed milk with an easy conscience. Consuming milk is a simple way to satisfy your body’s need for hydration (the other 98% of 2% milk is water), provide calcium, obtain calories, and consume whey.

The fat in milk is beneficial fat the brain needs to function while casein offers another form of protein excellent for muscle building. Cows’ milk is a significant source of whey but goats’ milk could be a better option for someone who can’t digest cow’s milk.

Then again, there is more whey in the latter choice, so that’s another benefit if you are looking for a source of this fantastic protein. Goat milk is promoted by a lot of natural health practitioners who notice the way switching from dairy products made from cows’ milk to goat-based cheese, yogurt, and milk causes certain GI conditions to clear up which has to do with farming and animal feeding methods.

FageYogurt and Other Dairy

Virtually any dairy product is going to supply you with a source of whey, and yogurt is one of the best examples. As long as this product isn’t loaded with sugar, you do your body a world of good, especially your gut which benefits from live active bacteria found in yogurt.

What’s that got to do with whey? If your gut is working properly, you absorb nutrients better: proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Too much sugar messes with GI performance. Jazz up plain yogurt with honey and berries, both of which contain antioxidants.

Most cheeses contain dairy, cottage cheese being a notable exception. The process of making cottage cheese involves getting rid of the whey, but ricotta is made with the whey and, thus, lauded as a top source of this important food.

Curds and whey are separated, but the latter is no longer thrown out. Today this is one of the best sources you can find. Ricotta with vegetables, basil, and tomato sauce makes a rich accompaniment to pasta.





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