Are you looking to finally get pumped up in the gym? Are you finally trying to bulk up and get the hard body that you deserve? Using casein protein powders as a way to supplement your workouts is the perfect way to get the mass, size and bulk that you desire.

Gold Standard 100 Percent CaseinBut we want you to know that all casein protein powders are not created equally. Some are way better than others, and some do not even belong in the same market.

With that in mind, we are going to share a list of our top 10 favorite casein protein powders. For various reasons, we like each and every one of these protein powders and think they are definitely worthy of your time and attention.

Feel free to try any products on the top 10 list at your earliest convenience. See which one works the best for you and then stick with that casein protein powder because it was obviously the right choice.

Top 10 Casein Protein Powders

1. Gold Standard 100% Casein – this is our absolute favorite protein powder because it focuses on growing muscles, and it even works while you sleep. This protein powder is created by Optimum Nutrition and it has 24 g of slow releasing and digesting premium micellar casein protein. This is one of the most effective ways to build muscle mass using a protein powder this type.

2. Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein – our second favorite casein protein powder was recently reformulated to make it taste better and to make it mix up easier. They’ve improved this product and now its called elite casein because it is a much more delicious and smoother shake that is made from a higher quality source of casein derived protein. Not only that, but it is designed to digest slowly through the system in order to allow you the chance for maximum muscle growth. It’s perfect to prevent catabolism and build muscles.

3. Inner Armour Casein Peak – this protein powder is an advanced slow releasing formula that is packed with glutamine and BCAAs. This supplement is a specific formula that is great because it will help to activate the synthesis of the muscle protein in greater amounts. It has only 1 g of sugar and 4.5 g of carbs and is also gluten-free, so it’s a healthy product that you can trust.

4. On Platinum Tri-Celle Casein – this advanced casein formula is incredibly effective because it actually uses casein molecules that are more than three times the size of the average molecule. So it packs a powerful punch and is technically three times as effective.

5. Combat 100% Casein from Musclepharm – this is another excellent formula that helps you rebuild muscles while you are asleep. It has 28 g of 100% casein in every serving and many consider it the ultimate protein powder and it’s perfect to take at night.

6. Casein Pro from Universal Nutrition – it’s easier to make greater gains when taking Universal Nutrition’s Casein Pro. Use this product between meals or take it right before bed and it will aid in building muscles and prevent muscle breakdown.

7. 4 Dimension Nutrition Casein – this combination muscle builder and recovery formula is a perfect meal replacement. The protein powder formula will help to maximize growth by using 100% micellar casein. The formula contains 4.6 g of micronized BCAAs and 2.2 g of leucine, which is a muscle builder. There are no banned substances in this product whatsoever.

8. S.A.N. 100% Casein Fusion – the main focus of this product is that it contains 100% casein protein that is going to encourage greater muscle growth and digest slowly throughout the body. The product contains 25 g of casein protein, 5 g of glutamine and 5.5 g of BCAAs.

9. Cytosport Complete – this is a slow burn casein product that helps to encourage muscle growth and also helps to protect the muscles. It contains 25 g of 100% pure casein and delivers amino acids and helps to prevent catabolism. It’s also an excellent way to enhance absorption and improve synthesis and does not contain gluten, lactose and it’s low in carbs.

10. MRI Performance Micellar Casein Z6 – the final product on the list is a way to enhance the anabolism of muscle and provide slow digesting casein protein. This formula also contains vitamin B6 and many high quality ingredients.

We love each and every one of the casein protein powders that we have mentioned on this top 10 list. Try each and every one of them to figure out which protein powder is perfect for your needs, wants and desires.

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