The Kombucha Health Drink In A Nutshell

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In Asia, Kombucha is a well-known health drink and has been so for over two millennia. Although science doesn’t yet fully support or is unable to explain some claims, advocates believe it acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and all-around good food. If you thought this was a dance or a type of fermented vegetables, you’re thinking of Kabuki (Japanese theater) and Kimchi (Korean snack).

Synergy KombuchaWhat is Kombucha?

This is a delicious, fermented sort of tea and perhaps you already know the health benefits of many fermented foods: tofu, sauerkraut, and others. They’re great for your digestive system.

You can make your own by purchasing pre-made starter known as SCOBY, but it’s also possible to grow your own with Kombucha, tea, and sugar (like making yogurt by using yogurt as a starter). Yes, that gelatinous stuff at the top belongs there.

Kombucha Studies

Scientists have discovered that this is an amazing anti-cancer “drug” of sorts but the kind you don’t need a prescription or an IV for. It’s also a preventative “medicine” in the way of healthy eating, generally.

Stores have witnessed growing demand for the product which can be made inexpensively and sold for a big profit. More research is needed, but Kombucha is tasty whether effective or not.

Digestive Health

If your diet is generally good but you suffer from digestive problems, the real issue might be that bad bacteria overwhelm the good. You don’t digest food properly and fail to extract optimum nutrition from your diet. If a component containing sufficient probiotic bacteria from sources such as plain yogurt or miso soup is missing, then you could be suffering from bloating, cramps, bowel irregularity, plus manifold conditions caused by some level of malnutrition.

What is in Kombucha?

Kombucha contains various beneficial acids, probiotic bacteria, Vitamin B, antioxidants, and glucosamine. What are the results of consuming these nutrients? Take a look.

Detoxification is a way to fight free radicals by promoting a sort of cleansing regimen. Your body sweeps out the dirt (free radicals, toxins, and bacteria) and effectively cleans house which, in this case, is your liver.

Enzymes and bacteria found in Kombucha are responsible, with stories indicating that some people have fought cancer and one without going through radiation therapy. It is not advisable to trust these stories wholesale and forgo treatment: find out more by researching the properties of this amazing substance first.

It might be that only certain cancers respond or that there is a genetic component to stories of healing with Kombucha tea. As an antioxidant, this substance fights off all diseases from the common cold to bacterial infections.

Kombucha is associated with natural arthritis treatment. This is caused by glucosamines and particular acids people purchase in pill form to fend off certain signs of aging. Just drink Kombucha tea.

There are reports of anti-aging properties too resulting from the same nutrients which improve joint health, but this is also a beneficial side effect of not being in constant pain from arthritis and gastric problems.

If your stomach is healthy, it’s likely that hormones are in better balance than otherwise, so mood issues, metabolism, and aging tend to be kept at bay. A signal that your hormones are out of balance would be depression and/or anxiety or facial hair (in women), plus infertility for men and women.

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